GPT and its role in social listening

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    GPT in simple terms

    While many people think of GPT and ChatGPT as the same thing, they are actually two distinct concepts. GPT is a language model (an AI model) that is able to generate human-like text from a pre-trained dataset. ChatGPT is a chatbot that is powered by GPT and is able to engage in conversations with users.

    Benefits & limits of GPT

    Using GPT technology, either generally or specifically with ChatGPT, provides businesses with the feeling that they will be able to get answers and insights more quickly. This can be seen as a savior when decision makers don't have a lot of time to conduct a traditional search. Additionally, users may be impressed with the intuitive user interface, which requires no setup or technical knowledge, making it accessible to a wider range of people.

    However, this technology also brings with it some uncertainties, such as data bias or data reliability. We can't be sure that the sample that was used to generate a certain insight or a conclusion includes a complete set of data from a representative sample of source types and credible authors. Additionally, we don't know what unintentional or intentional biases were included while training the AI model. Data unreliability and data bias can endanger the credibility of insights shared across an organization and can lead to decision makers being misled.

    Implementing GPT for Social Listening

    Though GPT does have its limitations, it is far from being a detriment to data. When implemented correctly, it can be an invaluable asset in your social listening strategy.

    Talkwalker has always been at the forefront of AI within social listening, with their Blue Silk™ AI. They have now implemented several AI models, including Large Language Models (more precisely GPT models), in order to speed up the process of obtaining true insights while still having full control over the sample data, source types, authors' credibility, and a customisable timeline. This helps to ensure the trustworthiness and relevance of quick insights generated by the AI.

    This will lead to numerous innovations powered by Blue Silk™ GPT.

    A summary provied by Blue Silk™ GPT about GPT. Showing how simple it is to understand a large number of conversations.

     BlueSilk™ GPT summarizes some collected conversations about ChatGPT. Talkwalker Social Listening & Consumer Intelligence Platform.

    There are 5 key success factors to consider when implementing of GPT within a social listening platform:

    1. Real-time updates: GPT requires up-to-date training data to generate accurate results.  
    2. Volume of training data: GPT requires very large volumes of data to be trained effectively.
    3. Native Integration: It allows access to the platform’s data faster and more efficiently as well as a seamless experience for users.
    4. Diversity of Data: Using multiple sources gives a more detailed context of data collected.
    5. Representativeness of Data: Insights can be accurate only if the data pool that was collected is representative of the population we are exploring. 

    Talkwalker ensures real-time, diverse and representative data by analyzing 150 million websites including reviews platforms, monitoring of 10+ social networks and tracking of 30,000+ brand logos. Finally, the AI models can be trained within Talkwalker’s platform across all collected data and within the guidelines of each client. This ensures an optimized outcome of the AI for each trained task.

    The Future of Social Listening

    The future of social listening is here, and Talkwalker is leading the way with Blue Silk™ AI. Offering a seamless experience to social media professionals requires flexibility in terms of sources, media types, and timelines which ensures the granularity of analysis as well as the precision of inquiries.

    Being an intuitive platform will be a key differentiator in terms of empowering adoption across users. The barrier of knowing how to write advanced Booleans will be surpassed which lets the focus on the what and why rather than the how.

    Talkwalker has already launched our 1-click AI Classifier that empowers users to segment themes of conversations using simple human language and without any required training.

    A visualization of how Blue Silk™ GPT helps categorize data in a simple to use way, just by typing keywords related to the categories you'd like to segment.

    Defining categories of conversations in 1 click using natural language. Talkwalker Social Listening & Consumer Intelligence Platform.

    Talkwalker’s continued investment in AI, specifically Blue Silk™ GPT, will allow the company to quickly react to changes in consumer trends, to tailor and customize their services per their client needs and to leverage the latest technologies to provide the best possible user experience.  

    Talkwalker is paving the way for the future of social listening, one that is FIT: Flexible, Intuitive, and Technological.

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