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Favorite brands in Asia Pacific

Favorite brands in Asia Pacific

How are brands today strengthening their customer relationships in Asia Pacific? Although the pandemic continues to impact businesses across all industries, 2021 has been different from last year in many ways. Consumers’ lifestyles, priorities, conversation topics, media consumption, and purchase behavior have all changed. In light of these changes, it is important to look at the best practices by the favorite brands in Asia Pacific to understand how they’ve managed to engage consumers in the current climate.

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Despite the new circumstances that continue to pose challenges, many brands out there are still staying strong. They’re able to adapt to the changing times and stay relevant by strengthening their relationships with consumers. These are brands that leverage the voice of the customer to meet the needs and wants of consumers, thereby driving brand love. In this article, we look at 3 of the brands in the region that made it to the list of most loved brands in Asia Pacific. For the full list of brands, download the full report!


A chocolate malt beverage that was originally created in Australia in 1934, Milo has grown to become one of the most loved beverages in Asia Pacific, with the biggest consumers of the beverage being Malaysia, followed by Singapore. Milo is a classic beverage and a popular choice for consumers young and old. It is no surprise that Milo clinched the 1st spot in the list of most loved brands in Asia Pacific.

As people started picking up baking while being confined to their homes, Milo-flavored bakes became increasingly popular. This was also due to the increase in home-based businesses during the pandemic that sold desserts, with Milo being a popular flavor. As a beverage that is known to boost energy levels, Milo goodies were also distributed at some COVID-19 vaccination centres in Malaysia, and this was a perk that was widely talked about on social media.


Blibli is one of the top e-commerce platforms in Indonesia that was launched in 2011. Coming in 2nd on the list of most loved brands in Asia Pacific, there are many reasons why Blibli has become one of the favorite brands in the region. In December last year, Blibli engaged one of the top actors in South Korea, Park Seo Jun, as their international brand ambassador. By leveraging the Korean hype in Southeast Asia, the campaign drove large volumes of positive PR for Blibli.

Blibli brand ambassador park seo joon

Axiata Group Berhad

Another favorite brand in Asia Pacific that made it to the list of the region’s most loved brands is the leading telco provider in Malaysia, Axiata. There are many reasons why Axiata managed to build an emotional engagement with consumers, but one of them would be their strong CSR presence. During the Merdeka celebrations in August 2020, Celcom Axiata launched a campaign aimed at helping Malaysians financially, since the pandemic negatively impacted many financially. The Celcom MeReka Merdeka campaign encouraged Malaysians to submit face mask designs, which were then produced and sold.

The brands listed above have shown what it means to stay relevant and effectively build a special connection with their audience. By doing so, they are able to achieve a loyal following who will ride through the ups and downs with them. After all, customers should be at the centre of a brand’s strategy. This is why it is crucial to stay on top of the latest consumer conversations and be aware of what matters most to them.

The methods adopted by these brands are only some of the ways to earn a place in the hearts of consumers. To have a better idea of what it means to be a loved brand and what it takes to get there, download the full Brand Love 2021 report to see the full list of the most loved brands in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

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