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Particularly in Southeast Asia, brands are faced with multiple challenges when engaging consumers. Apart from changing consumer behavior and heightened expectations, brands in Southeast Asia need to tweak their methods according to the unique and diverse nature of the Southeast Asian market. This makes it crucial for brands here to find innovative ways of capturing a place in the hearts of consumers.

Talkwalker’s annual Brand Love 2022 report discusses the main drivers of brand love: Passion, Trust, as well as Customer Satisfaction, to understand the ways in which brands are resonating the most positively with their consumers. In coming up with the list of most loved brands, over 1500 brands were ranked based on three different trait criteria, utilizing Social Intelligence and the Talkwalker Benchmarking solution.

  • The Passion Score measures extreme passion, either positive or negative, towards an entity.
  • The Customer Satisfaction Score uses reviews and identified customers to understand the level of satisfaction among the consumer base.
  • The Trust Score measures the level of trust between the consumer and the brand, with 5 demonstrating complete trust, and -5 illustrating distrust and skepticism.

These three scores were then bundled together in the overall Brand Love Index, with each metric weighted as 1/3rd of the overall Brand Love Index. To qualify for the final rankings, the brands had to have over 2,500 brand mentions with high engagement between July 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2022.

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In this article, we look at the most popular brands in Southeast Asia that have succeeded in winning over the hearts of consumers in the region. Understand what these brands have in common, and how you can tap on some of these insights to drive brand love.

Most loved brands in Southeast Asia

1. Sulwhasoo

Sentiment key drivers around Sulwhasoo

Sentiment key drivers around Sulwhasoo

Headquartered in South Korea, Sulwhasoo has grown to become one of consumers’ favorite skincare brands in Southeast Asia, making it the number 1 loved brand in the region. There are various reasons why the brand has successfully won over the hearts of consumers. Apart from the rising popularity of Korean skincare today, Sulwhasoo has launched various campaigns in Southeast Asian markets that resonate with the audience here.

One of the key campaigns that drove consumers’ sentiment around love, would be the GulfxLazadaSulwhasoo campaign, which drove a high level of mentions and engagement online. As part of the campaign, customers who purchased Sulwhasoo products on Lazada were given a chance to win a video call with leading Thai celebrity, Gulf Kanawut.

2. Midea

Another brand that has made it to the list of most loved brands in Southeast Asia is Midea, an electrical appliance manufacturer that has been established as the world’s largest white goods manufacturer. Apart from the quality and price point of their products, there are various other qualities of Midea appliances that make the brand a favorite in the region.

Talkwalker theme cloud around Midea

Talkwalker theme cloud around Midea


One of the leading retail players globally, UNIQLO has grown to become one of the favorite brands of consumers in Southeast Asia. When we think of comfort, style, as well as affordability, UNIQLO is a name that instantly comes to mind. The brand’s success in Asia is evident in the brand’s growth and acceleration plans in the region.

The brand is also known for its brand features and collaborations, which garner a high level of interest from consumers, as seen in the Talkwalker theme cloud below.

UNIQLO features and collaborations

UNIQLO brand features and collaborations

4. Jollibee

Jollibee is another brand that has made it to the list of most loved brands in Southeast Asia. Originating in the Philippines, fast-food chain Jollibee has gained international success and recognition, and has expanded rapidly all around the world. Other than catering to local taste buds in the region, Jollibee has grown to become a brand that is always associated with positive emotions. The positivity that is always associated with the brand is reflected in the name “Jollibee”. “Bee” represents the hard working citizens of the Philippines, while “jolly” represents the happiness found in sharing meals.

Jollibee’s 2021 global campaign encapsulated the brand’s identity, by sending a positive message amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In the campaign titled “A Message from the Future”, we see a family staying united amidst the pandemic and making the most of the situation by spending quality time together, and finding the little joyful moments despite the situation.



5. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is a global brand that has become a favorite brand in Southeast Asia. When we take a closer look at some of the initiatives that have gained Emirates a large volume of positive conversations in the region, we see that the brand’s sponsorship of sporting events has driven a bulk of visual mentions online.

Emirates visual insights

Most engaging visual posts around Emirates

These are just some of the 10 brands that have made it to the list of most loved brands in Southeast Asia. They have shown what it means to stay relevant and successfully build a meaningful connection with their audience. By doing so, these brands are able to build a loyal following who will stick with them through thick and thin.

Other than understanding what drives brand love in the region, it is also worth looking at what brands all around the world are doing to achieve brand love on a global scale. To get the full list of most loved brands globally, and for more tips on boosting your brand love, download the full Brand Love 2022 report.

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