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Comparing the social performance of 15 brands: Quick Search answers the Internet’s biggest questions

Quick Search. Our powerful social media search engine can analyze conversations from the last 13 months, to compare the mentions, engagement, and sentiment of brands. This way, you can see which brands come out on top, once and for all.

Comparing the social performance of brands: iPhone vs. Android

With 2.32 billion smartphone users in 2017, there’s a huge demand for the latest phone. But which is the most popular operating system, Google’s Android (available on a wide range of manufacturers’ phones), or Apple’s iOS (available exclusively on iPhone).


iPhone VS Android

Over the last 13 months, Apple has dominated conversation. With nearly 19 times as many mentions of iPhone than their competitor. Although the positive sentiment is higher for Android, with 403 billion engagements, Apple drowns that out with sheer volume.

Winner: iPhone

Comparing the social performance of brands: Coke vs. Pepsi

Coca-Cola, or Coke, and Pepsi have been rivals for over 100 years. Yet when the Internet asks which is better, there was never a clear answer. Until now.


Coke VS Pepsi

Initially, it looks like Pepsi is the winner, with more mentions. However, it’s not just how much conversation a brand leads that’s important, but also how positive that conversation was.

Pepsi Neg Spike

2.5M of Pepsi’s mentions came in a spike in the first week of April ‘17, which correlated with a drop in sentiment. This was due to the negative reaction to their campaign with Kendall Jenner. Once you take this out of the equation, Coca-Cola clearly won.

Winner: Coca-Cola

Comparing the social performance of Obama vs. Trump

Donald Trump won the election in 2016. Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012. But who won over social media in 2017?


Trump VS Obama

As Donald Trump was in power, it comes as no surprise he drove significantly more mentions than Obama. Even with Trump only having 20.1% positive sentiment (the lowest of any keyword analyzed), he still drowned out Obama. Probably due to him being a keen Twitter user.

Winner: Donald Trump

Comparing the social performance of brands: Marvel vs. DC

The Marvel/DC comics rivalry has divided fans for some years. But as the two brands diversify into TV shows, video games, and multiple-movie franchises (Marvel Cinematic Universe Vs. DC Extended Universe), the competition has just heated up. But which one is deemed the most super online?

Marvel VS DC

They both came out pretty similar regarding mentions. But with significantly more engagement and higher sentiment, Marvel just peaks. This can been seen when comparing the positive reviews for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, with the not so positive of DC’s Justice League.

Winner: Marvel

Comparing the social performance of brands: Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

Video on demand has become a major part of our lives over the last few years, with some multi-billion dollar budgets at stake. But when you have to pick between the two most popular services (Netflix and Amazon Prime), which is better?

Netflix VS Prime

Netflix leads the conversation significantly, with 26 times the mentions, and 15 times the engagement. Although their sentiment is lower, their engagement more than makes up for it.

One of the reasons Prime trails, is possibly because “Amazon Prime and chill” isn’t a popular phrase.

Winner: Netflix

Comparing the social performance of brands: Manchester City vs. Manchester United

Originating from Manchester, I hear the same question a lot: “City or United.” Now I finally have the answer.

Manchester Utd VS Manchester City

And it’s clear that Manchester United is the leading brand, with an amazing 1.3B engagements. This is down to the team’s popularity with fans outside of the UK. They have also garnered a massive social media following.

Winner: Manchester United

Comparing the social performance of brands: PS4 vs. XBox One vs. Nintendo Switch

The global video games industry was worth $108.9 billion in 2017. And the three biggest consoles on the market, PlayStation 4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch are all after a piece of that action. But which is better when it comes to getting the Internet talking?

PS4 VS XBOX1 VS Switch

PlayStation 4 is ahead, with more people talking about them than the other two put together. But the biggest surprise was how close the Nintendo Switch and XBox One were in mentions. Xbox has been a more popular console for several years, so it’s a surprise Nintendo is snapping at its heels.

However, the Switch did launch in 2017, which would have naturally driven more conversation. And it was a successful launch too, with a great 72.5% positive sentiment.

But still, PlayStation 4 wins, no matter how hard the XBox One crowd try to compete.

Winner: PlayStation 4

Comparing the social performance of brands with Quick Search

These are just a few examples of how easy Quick Search is for comparing the social performance of brands. So next time someone tells you Android is better than Apple, or DC is more popular than Marvel, you can tell them they’re wrong. And have the social data to back you up.

Next time you want to create more social media engagement from kick-ass content, you'll know just what's winning for your consumers.

Leave us a comment if there are any Internet questions we’ve missed. Or to get a demo to find out what brand insights you can get from Quick Search, please click below.



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