How to master brand management: Nespresso deep dive analysis

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At Talkwalker, we don’t like to let you down, and giving you all the information you need to make sure you master your brand management is kind of our thing. We want to see your brand equity skyrocket and enter the list of the 50 most loved brands in the world. What else other than Nespresso (you got it?) to show you the different steps to get a 360º view of brand perception and master brand management analysis.

Listen to what consumers say about your brand

It seems pretty obvious but the first step is to listen to what your consumers are saying. Easy to say. Not easy to do.

Looking at your brand through your consumers’ eyes starts with a big picture. Is the overall volume of conversation about your brand steady or do you see spikes of conversation?

Below is a six-month view of Nespresso media share of conversation. Immediately, we see two spikes of conversation on Twitter and forums in December. These conversation spikes reflect an acceleration of the conversation about the brand before and during the holiday season.

This graph shows the evolution of Nespresso online mentions over the last 6 months.

For the past 6 months, there have been 90.5K mentions of Nespresso with 2.6M engagement and 38% positive sentiment and 13.9% negative sentiment.


This macro view is a good start but it doesn’t answer all our questions. Are the spikes positive or negative? Does volume of conversation mean consumer engagement?

Let's dig deeper and break down the volume of conversations and engagements by media source. In the case of Nespresso, I realized that even though 45.6% of conversations take place on Twitter, that same platform only generates 7.6% of engagements. YouTube and more specifically Nespresso’s channel is the place where consumers engage the most with the brand.

The pie charts show the share of engagement and mentions for Nespresso per media channel.

Although the conversation is mainly on Twitter, the majority of engagements are on YouTube.

Measure your brand's health

Now that we have a better vision of the big picture and consumer behavior on different media sources, let’s continue the brand audit by measuring consumer sentiment and uncover the audience's true feeling about your products. It always comes down to what the heart wants. Below is the Nespresso brand share of sentiment on different media channels. Instagram appears to be the channel with the most positive sentiment, with 70.9% positive sentiment and no negative comment found. On the opposite side of the sentiment range, forums seem to be the place where customers go to complain or look for answers to their problems.

The bar chart shows social media users sentiment for Nespresso

Comparing sentiment on different platforms helps prioritize channel activation.

As I mentioned earlier, spikes of conversation are important. A positive spike of conversation means success, but a negative spike means that you are probably in the middle of a PR crisis.

Not every issue is a crisis, but in case it really is, the time has come to start the 11 steps for PR Crisis Management.

Capture what your customers think, say, and do

Your customers interact with your brand, but not only.

They also engage with your competitors, talk about unbranded content, your partners, and ambassadors… Your brand evolves in a complex ecosystem and it can be difficult to visualize the connection between all these entities. Or I should say that it was difficult to visualize the ins and outs of a market ecosystem until Talkwalker Market Intelligence arrived.

For instance, in the graph below, we can see that Nespresso customers also talk about Starbucks and Keurig when they engage with the brand.

The graph shows the most used hashtags used by users who talk about Nespresso online

Nespresso customers connect Nespresso to other brands and products when they talk about it online.


A deeper analysis of the brands associated with Nespresso confirms this first observation, but also shows a variety of brands that are not limited to the coffee industry.

This brand cloud shows the brand s most associated with Nespresso.

Brands connected to Nespresso in online conversations are not limited to the coffee industry.

  • Several brands and products listed alongside Nespresso here, Nike, Nintendo Switch, Apple, and 23andMe, are included in lists for best gifts or holiday deals.
  • Some are customer favorite Nespresso brand pairings, like Bailey’s and Kit Kat.
  • Others are coffee company competitors, including brick-and-mortar cafes and coffee production companies, such as Krups, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Lavazza, Illy, Tassimo.
  • In the case of Segafredo, they have created Nespresso compatible pods, but with Segafredo coffee, while Costco (Kirkland Signature Brands) now sells Nespresso compatible pods with Starbucks coffee.
  • Lastly, TikTok has become a popular platform for consumers to show off their new machines and share personal recipes and recommendations.
@caffeinication My Morning Coffee with @Nespresso #caffeinication #vertuo #nespressomoments #icedcoffee #coffee ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


The hashtag analysis and brand cloud help understand the context in which the brand evolves, but we can go deeper and map the brand entirely with Conversation Clusters.

Some people are visual learners. I am one of them. If I want to understand something, I have to draw it on a piece of paper. This is the idea behind Conversation Clusters. It helps you detect emerging themes and trending conversations.

In the example below, we can see the different conversations associated with Nespresso. From conversations about Nespresso’s most famous ambassador George Clooney, to Nespresso’s machines and customer service, it is easy to navigate from one conversation to another and analyze connections between the topics.

The conversation clusters show the full Nespresso online ecosytem.

Talkwalker’s Conversation Clusters presents a holistic view of the conversations associated with the brand.

Brand success starts here

Brand management is essential for any company. I started this blog by saying that the brand is any company's single most important asset, and I’ll repeat it here in the conclusion. Monitoring customers' conversations about your brand will help you take decisive actions and stay ahead of your competition. Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform is the partner of choice for pushing your brand to the next level.

Still wondering what your customers really think about your brand ? Let’s talk this through over a coffee. A Nespresso, of course :-)


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