3 Steps to Successful Campaign Management Using Social Listening

3 Steps to Successful Campaign Management Using Social Listening

A constant array of new products, growing competition and constantly changing customer needs…these are the challenges marketers in any industry face today. With increasing pressure on marketing budgets, the success of every marketing campaign becomes crucial. Social media monitoring can help marketing departments manage a variety of tasks related to the planning, execution and measurement of campaigns.

In our new How-To guide, we used the example of well-known fashion brands like Mango, H&M and Zara to explore the added value of social listening for successful campaign management. Learn how to plan new campaigns based on customers’ needs to guarantee their effectiveness, follow-up on a campaign's evolution to react in real-time, fully understand campaigns results and create clear reports for management.

1. Plan: Analyse Customer Needs & Address Them

fashion trends theme cloud

Moving towards summer, “casual” wear and “hats” are two of the most mentioned topics

Finding out what customers are looking for is an essential step to tailoring products as well as shaping the messaging of your campaigns to their specific needs. Such insights can easily be found by monitoring the overall conversation about an industry. But brands should also be sure to monitor the conversation about their own brand and competitors to see if customers are happy with the current offers they find in stores.

2. Execute: Fine-Tune a Running Campaign

HMLife Cast Me Marc

#CastMeMarc and #HMLife mentions include seemingly unrelated hashtags, such as the new H&M partnership with designer label House of Balmain, or #ootd, often used by fans to present their “outfit of the day”

Even if a campaign launch is planned very carefully, it might take an unexpected turn – it is for example not uncommon for fans to create their own hashtags during a campaign. Brands need to be prepared to deal with such events and carefully monitor campaigns once they’ve started running. Campaign and hashtag tracking allows them to discover new keywords or hashtags that might be mentioned alongside their own. Based on these developments, they can be sure to adapt communications and include new or fan-created hashtags so their campaign continues to reach a wide audience.

3. Measure: Evaluate the Campaign’s Success

fashion campaign roi

Correlating positive and negative mentions as well as overall buzz to sales earnings is a good way to measure the ROI of a campaign

After a campaign ends, it is of course crucial to know how successful it really was and to report results to management. Different KPIs can be used for this including general buzz before and after the campaign and changes in online reputation through a sentiment analysis. Another technique would be measuring the ROI by calculating the cost per mention (campaign spending against number of mentions). This is especially interesting if a campaign has been endorsed by a celebrity to see if they are a worthy investment for future campaigns.

Find our complete insights on campaign management – from planning to execution and measurement of a campaign’s success – using examples from fashion giants like Mango, Zara and H&M, in our How-To Guide in the Talkwalker Academy.

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