Video Recognition & Analysis

Life is in motion. So is your brand. Capture the impact.
The only social listening tool that enables brands and agencies to analyze their brand exposure in video, with AI-powered scaling and accuracy.




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Find consumer insights and market with impact

Get 10x more campaign shares using video content.

User-generated content improves campaign engagement by 50%, email click-through by 73%, and conversions by 10%. Video recognition finds the brand content that your audience is sharing, providing you with in-depth insights into consumer behavior.

Protect your brand from a crisis in text, image and video

92% of people will share a video that’s critical of your brand

If you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not happening. Monitor the millions of conversations, images and videos that mention your brand every day. To protect your brand from every potential crises.

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Measure the true ROI of your sponsorships

96% of marketers aren’t completely satisfied with their ability to measure sponsorship ROI.

Accurately measure the full impact of your sponsorship investment online across image, video and text brand conversations. Understand your complete brand exposure across hours of video footage in a fraction of second.