Trend Analysis

Predict tomorrow with Trend Analysis. Stay ahead in your industry, by connecting with the most engaging, relevant consumer trends. Develop products consumers want, before they know they do.



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Identify the trends with long-term impact.

Get deep-dive intelligence and instant access to discover every important trend in your industry. Learn when to avoid flash-in-the-pans, and instead spend your time on the trends that will have a long-term financial impact on your business.

See what’s trending, and why.

Use sophisticated data segmentation to enable you to quickly understand the underlying topics that are driving a trend’s performance. With insights on how your audience is engaging with a trend, and how you can join the conversation.

Find emerging opportunities for products.

Analyze consumer conversations to identify opportunities within your sector. Develop products based on current consumer insights, to ensure your products exceed expectations and sales targets. Drive faster data-led innovation by discovering real-time trends and actionable insights, from billions of relevant online consumer conversations. Develop products that will meet the needs of users today and in the future.