Speech Analytics

Hear what’s being said about your brand and industry without having to listen to hours of podcasts



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Discover new markets and get insights on your industry

Monitor podcasts to understand the context in which your brand gets mentioned organically and find new influencers or shows that can further promote your products to niche audiences. Search for your industry or brand-related topics to find where they are being talked about the most and make the best of your next brand placement.

Take your campaigns to the next level with Podcast Monitoring

Brand mentions in a podcast deliver on average 16% higher engagement than the content of the podcast itself. While traditional social listening platforms monitor text and sometimes images and video, it’s time for you to monitor all aspects of your brand on one unified platform, no matter where the mentions happen. Capitalize on the rising popularity of podcasts to monitor your brand health and identify new trends and consumer behavior.

Save time gathering insights from podcasts at scale

It takes approximately 40 minutes to listen to a podcast. Stop wasting time looking for brand and competitor mentions, and let our speech-to-text technology do the job for you in a matter of seconds. Get access to hidden mentions about your brand in the form of unscripted conversations from the vast world of podcasts.