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Talkwalker, the Best Social Listening Tool?

A very thorough test of our social media analytics platform by Vincent Brossas, from the French blog LePtiDigital.

Talkwalker should be part of every marketer’s toolkit

PR agency Comms Axis used Talkwalker’s social data intelligence to monitor the buzz around the most recent Greenpeace campaign. Their conclusion: “Talkwalker offers much more business value than any product review could ever do justice.”

Gartner Social Analytics Application for Marketing

Gartner’s CRM Vendor Guide is a trusted source of information for all things IT. Talkwalker’s Social Data Intelligence is featured in its 2014 report.

Talkwalker vs Crimson Hexagon

A head to head review by Godot Media comparing Talkwalker with Crimson Hexagon on a variety of criteria such as usability, data coverage and analytics.

Amplify Your Social Media Management

Social media expert Harsh Ajmera reviews Talkwalker's Social Media Analytics solution and was especially intrigued by the ease of use. His conclusion: “Talkwalker rocks when it comes to interface”!

36 Tools and Tips for Social Media Marketers

Talkwalker was featured in Michael Stelzner’s top 36 tools list for Social Media Examiner. Our Talkwalker Alerts attracted his attention.

A Treasure Trove of Social Media Insights

Wonder of Tech has reviewed Talkwalker. Two years after first writing about our Alerts, Carolyn Nicander Mohr enjoyed a demo of the full Talkwalker Pro and its analytical capabilities.

An Effective Social Media System

Social Media Expert John Jantsch recommends Talkwalker when creating a social media system, using Talkwalker Alerts to quickly find out about key customers and journalists.