GCC finance industry: The rise of the challenger bank

The brands shaping tomorrow's banking market

The finance industry in the GCC region is evolving with each passing day. Established banks have embraced digitalization and are continuously innovating to create new services, improve customer experience, and grow their market share. However, when compared to challenger banks, traditional banks are not as nimble and agile as challenger banks that have larger consumer data sets and the ability to act swiftly. This report aims to study how challenger banks in the GCC have been able to capitalize on that advantage and how it might have affected their parent banks. 

Download our "GCC finance industry: The rise of the challenger bank" report and discover: 

  • Volume and engagement of conversations in the last year
  • Sentiment towards each brand across a range of key issues like accessibility and sustainability
  • Integrated data sets, including coverage and share price
  • How data can help brands identify trends, spot opportunities, close the consumer closeness gap, and innovate
  • and more besides!


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