Supermarkets vs Unicorn grocers - Consumer behaviour UK

The brands shaping tomorrow's grocery market

The secret to brand growth isn’t about creating a brand for today, but shaping one for tomorrow. That is the biggest challenge businesses face.

Talkwalker has investigated the grocery industry, understanding the disruption of unicorns Ocado, Getir and Gousto and how this might be impacting traditional supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury's, and M&S.

Too often, MarComms professionals are expected to be sucked into hearsay. We walk through the talk and get to the insights that matter, as we investigate supermarkets vs unicorn grocers.

Download our supermarkets vs unicorns report and discover: 

  • Volume and engagement of conversations in the last 13 months
  • Sentiment towards each brand across a range of key issues like price and sustainability
  • Supermarket and unicorn audience insights
  • How data can help brands identify trends, spot opportunities, close the consumer closeness gap, and innovate
  • and more!


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