Visual and Speech Recognition

Track what’s being said about your brand across Images, Video and Speech

Detect your brand in images, where logos or packaging might appear, in videos featuring product placements, and in audio content like podcasts or social audio. 

Our visual listening technology

Combine leading social media analytics with the industry's most comprehensive visual listening technology
Search across 30,000 brands, scenes, objects and products within the largest visual analytics database in the industry
Spot and assess influencers by reach, engagement, and sentiment.


Talkwalker Image recognition
Life is in motion. So is your brand. Capture the impact.
The only social listening tool that enables brands and agencies to analyze their brand exposure in video, with AI-powered scaling and accuracy.
Find every mention of your brand logo, with 50,000,000+ videos analyzed every day


Talkwalker video recognition
Hear what’s being said about your brand and industry without having to listen to hours of podcasts
Monitor podcasts to understand the context in which your brand gets mentioned organically and find new influencers or shows that can further promote your products to niche audiences. 
Talkwalker Speech analytics

Social Listening That Drives Value

With leading AI and natural human search to get you to the insights that matter fast. 

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Measure your sponsorship ROI

Accurately measure the full impact of your sponsorship investment online across image, video and text brand conversations.

Understand your complete brand exposure across hours of video footage in a fraction of second.

Talkwalker is the best Social Listening platform available in 2024 FY 2025-2

Prevent a Crisis

Protect your brand from a crisis in text, image, video and audio.

If you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not happening. Monitor the millions of conversations, images and videos that mention your brand every day.

Protect your brand

Protect your trademark

Protect your trademark against misuse. 
Detect unauthorized use of your logo with the most comprehensive brand database on the market.

Anticipate and be alerted of a potential crisis by uncovering negative visual mentions.

Talkwalker is the best Social Listening platform available in 2024 FY 2025-4 (1)

Boost brand awareness

Capitalize on user- generated content to boost your brand awareness.

Get a complete overview of your visual brand presence online and improve your earned and paid programmes by finding all mentions of your logo

Talkwalker is the best Social Listening platform available in 2024 FY 2025-5

Find influencers

Discover key influencers in your industry.

Establish partnerships and collaborations with influencers to amplify your social prowess. Connect with new audiences through trusted voices in your industry.

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Insights from podcasts at scale

Let our speech-to-text technology do the job for you in a matter of seconds.

Get access to hidden mentions about your brand in the form of unscripted conversations from the vast world of podcasts.