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Essential social listening capabilities

Included in starter

  • Industry-leading data coverage 
    of social media - Twitter, Facebook, etc. - and the web to monitor your brand’s online performance and reputation
  • Advanced analytics
    using smart filters, custom tags and metrics such as sentiment and emotions to uncover richer, more granular insights
  • Easily create reports & share them
    across your organization to inform key stakeholders and save time
  • Ongoing training & online resources
    to ensure your team’s success now and in the future


Enhanced social listening with logo, video, and image recognition


  • Monitor images, videos, & podcasts
    to collect and analyze further consumer insights
  • View premium historical data
    to analyze key trends and learn from past campaigns
  • Customize dashboards & reports
    that zoom into specific business needs to gain the insights that will inform your next steps
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More than just social listening - deeper consumer intelligence


  • Product, location, & app review data
    to analyze your customers’ experience
  • Cluster consumer conversations
    based on trending themes, to see how they are connected to help identify gaps and potential opportunities
  • Unify consumer data
    into a single and easy to view interface that breaks data silos
  • Use unique predictive analytics
    to forecast the effect of current events and emerging trends on your business
  • Train your own AI models
    to analyze complex, intricate business needs


All the magic of Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform


  • Enjoy expert-led workshops
    that turn insights into prescriptive recommendations to drive new opportunities
  • Insights bulletin
    from specialist team delivering human and cultural insights and new business ideas
  • Integration workshops
    to strategize on how to integrate social insights into your business operations

Every subscription comes with ongoing support to ensure your team's success

Professional onboarding so you can get starter right away

Access to best practice articles, guides, and tutorials

Continuous online training courses led by experts

Comprehensive customer support in your region

Regular strategy reviews with our experts to keep you on the road to success

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Join 2500+ businesses that trust Talkwalker to support all their brand needs


data sources covered worldwide

With proprietary crawling technology to collect the precise data you need


data points analyzed by our predictive analytics

Increasing the accuracy and impact of your decision making


videos, podcasts, & images processed daily

Finding every brand mention as they happen


logos, scenes, and objects accessible in our database

Ensuring brand reputation management across the board


languages covered from 196 countries accessible to you

Consumer insights at a global and regional scale


accuracy on sentiment analysis in 127+ languages

Providing insights in every language your brand speaks

(*Up to an average)

Frequently asked questions

What is social listening?

Social listening, or social media listening, is the monitoring of your brand's online presence for consumer feedback, brand mentions, and conversations that include your chosen keywords, competitors, and industry. To find emerging trends, potential crises, and consumer sentiment towards your brand, products, and your competitors. Analysis of the insights identified will then give you data-backed actions to increase brand awareness, drive consumer loyalty, and protect your brand’s reputation. Read our Social Listening Guide for more details.

Why is social listening important?

To truly understand consumers, what they want, you need to listen to what they're saying. Where they’re saying it, and the sentiment behind. Listening to the voice of the consumer will help you improve your customer service and marketing campaigns, with targeted and personalized communication. Leading to an increase in engagement.

Insights will reveal consumer behaviour and the reasons behind buying decisions, which will enable your brand to develop the products that satisfy customer demands.

Social listening will also help you find the best influencers to promote your brand. Influencers that talk about your brand, have followers that match your target audience, and have a strong share of voice in your industry.

Protecting your brand reputation is an essential use case for social listening. Our Blue Silk™ AI-enabled sentiment analysis will spot an emerging crisis, so you can respond in real time.

Read our Social Listening Guide for more details.

Social listening strategies

Your social listening strategy should include the following...

  • Monitor and analyse sentiment and brand perception to understand what consumers think about your brand. Today's consumers are watching how brands perform on all levels - societal issues, DEI, the environment, personalization. Capture the positive and negative mentions, to identify a failing campaign, a product launch badly received, and positive user-generated content that can be used in your marketing messaging.
  • Follow industry trends and jump into the conversations to increase consumer engagement.
  • Conduct competitor analysis to understand which of your competitors' posts are trending and why. What user-generated feedback they're receiving, so you can target your messaging to their consumers.
  • Monitor influencers’ activities and engagement levels on all their social media channels to ensure they're still on brand.
  • Identify crises and fluctuations in the volume of consumer conversation surrounding your brand. Monitor increases in positive and negative engagement. Is it a PR crisis? Is it UGC that you can use? An increase in negative sentiment is an early warning sign of an issue. Find the cause and react quickly to avoid reputational damage.

Read our Social Listening Guide for more details.

Getting started with social listening

Once you've chosen a social listening tool that meets your needs, set your business goals

  • Improve your customer service
  • Understand consumer sentiment around your brand and products
  • Keep up to date on your industry and trending topics
  • Benchmark against your competitors - products, audience, marketing strategy
  • Analyse your audience so you can create targeted messaging

Choose which terms to monitor across websites, blogs, news sites, reviews, Q&A forums, podcasts, and social media...

  • Products and brand mentions, to understand the sentiment towards your business - include brand name, hashtags, product names, common misspellings
  • Product and brand mentions combined with service-related words, such as 'not working', 'failed', 'help'
  • Events related to your company - product release, industry terms and topics, PR crisis

Choose data sources to track. Collect data from relevant sources only. Too much and your team will be overwhelmed. Go for the big networks - Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc. - and the channels where your target audience talks.

Use the social listening data you identify to drive...

  • Brand experience- how you're perceived by consumers
  • Customer experience - what customers enjoy about your products
  • Crisis management - spot crises and react in real time before they damage your reputation
  • Competitive analysis - monitor your competition to identify challenges and opportunities for growth
  • Content strategy - identify trending topics that can be used in future messaging and content
  • Influencer marketing - find influencers with followers relevant to your products, and build relationships

Read our Social Listening Guide for more details.


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