Navigating the
digital insights landscape

Embracing Dual Strategies and AI-Powered Consumer Intelligence

Rewatch our webinar as we explore the transformative strategies leveraged by organizations facing tightening budgets and the need to streamline resources while eliminating redundant tools.

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5 key takeaways

"Use social listening data alongside additional data sources to humanize your customer."

Guest Speaker - Kelsey Chickering, Forrester
Talkwalker Webinar - Navigating the Digital Insights Landscape

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Generative AI in Your Everyday Work

Discover how the integration of generative AI is reshaping the landscape of professional tasks, just as Excel revolutionized our approach to data management. Learn how these technological advancements are seamlessly enhancing your work experiences, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

"We're able to find things faster than we've ever before, unlock real-time insights that we needed that were really critical to our business decisions that we would have never been able to do without the AI capabilities."

Marcy Rudowitz, Moderna

The seamless integration of AI in our daily lives

Moderna’s Marcy Rudowitz highlights the profound extent to which AI has seamlessly already woven itself into the fabric of our daily routines. As we navigate through life, often oblivious to the AI-driven mechanisms that surround us, Marcy prompts us to recognize this and to feel empowered to harness AI's potential for professional advancement and personal enrichment.

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“87% of consumers are actually using social media before they make purchasing decisions. the industry is evolving at such a rapid pace.”

Cara Buscaglia, Talkwalker

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AI's Contextual Understanding Transforms Analysis!

Cara talks about how AI possesses the unparalleled capability to scrutinize vast conversations and discern their context. Cara describes how AI's prowess outshines traditional descriptive analysis, eliminating guesswork and enabling increased precision in the analytical process, empowering teams to dedicate their energies to strategy and planning.

The future of consumer intelligence.

New White Paper - July 2023

Working closely with our customers and our internal team, we constantly review and explore the changing dynamics of social and customer channels.

Our new paper which is open to anyone to read, explains how we make sense of data in this AI-era and lifts the lid on where innovation can take us next.

If you are involved in how social and customer data is sourced, interpreted, analyzed, and communicated within your organization - we hope you’ll find this paper insightful.

Read the White Paper (Full Version) Read the White Paper (Short Version)
Future of Consumer Intelligence white paper

If you have any questions about this white paper, or would like to discuss the role of consumer intelligence within your organisation please contact us.