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Hootsuite is a social media management platform that helps users schedule, manage, and analyze content across multiple networks.
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The Hootsuite connector allows Social Media teams to leverage Talkwalker content in the Hootsuite platform to:

Content ideation: Social Media teams leverage online news stream  (in other words earned content and not own/paid content) related to their industry to be aware of the latest stories in real-time. This content can fuel their social media content strategy. Trend Research: Social Media teams monitor User Generated Content (such as Twitter and Instagram trending conversations) in relation to their brand and/or product category they are responsible for. Competitive intelligence: Social Media teams must be aware of the latest news, posts from competitive brands or products to fuel their social media content strategy and positioning Influencer Management: Social Media teams may want to track content published by their influencers to measure the success of those campaigns. 


Track brand mentions with Hootsuite. Integrate Talkwalker widgets into the Hootsuite platform.


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