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In a faster-moving world, you need faster answers. Get real-time data-backed responses to those management-critical questions in a flash, to make informed decisions within your market.



Engage the world’s largest focus group.

Listen to what your customers are saying across the internet, with AI-enabled insights to help you identify gaps in your market. Respond instantly, with relevant sponsorship, advertising, and media plans shaped by your audience.

Know which products consumers love, and love to hate.

Combine existing customer data with social intelligence, to identify what matters most about your products, for a holistic view of your performance. With insights structured to be easily digested and actioned, to help you make effective investment decisions across your company.


Reveal spaces in your market... then fill them.

Analyze consumer conversations to identify opportunities within your sector. Develop products based on current consumer insights, to ensure your products exceed expectations and sales targets.

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