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Competitive Intelligence

AI-powered competitive intelligence gives you an information advantage. A complete picture of your market and competitive landscape that delivers insights to enable informed decision making. Track industry trends, predict future moves, monitor threats, and drive product speed to market.

How to do competitive benchmarking

How to do competitive benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking is the practice of comparing your organization against set competitors over time, by using a set of predetermined...
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How to conduct a competitor analysis - chess board with pieces

How to conduct a competitor analysis

Why are your competitors outranking you? What are their strengths? Their weaknesses? What marketing strategies are they following? Which keywords...
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Benchmarking marketing - why, how

What is performance benchmarking?

How does your business stack up against your competitors? Your industry? Better? Worse? No idea? I’m not talking about profits.
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Marketer’s guide to competitive intelligence

Marketers' guide to competitive intelligence

What is a competitive intelligence program (CIP) and why do you need one? The collection and analysis of data about...
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The best competitor analysis tools - chess pieces on a board

Top 14 competitor analysis tools

You're a savvy businessperson. You know your organization doesn’t exist in a bubble. You have competitors. What are they up...
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