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High Street vs Challenger banks

on 30/05/2022

The brands shaping tomorrow's banking market

Whether you manage your finances under your mattress or in the cloud, it is undeniable that the banking world is seeing rapid and irreversible change. And challenger banks are hot on the heels of high street banks.

We compare HSBC, Barclays, Santander, and Natwest with Starling, Revolut, Monzo, and Monese. The brands which are shaking things up are those who are getting closer to the data, delivering up-to-the-minute insights, closing the consumer closeness gap, and developing the banking products people truly want.

Our latest report, high street vs challenger banks, distills twelve months of data to help understand the future of banking, using earned and shared media to take a look into the banking world of tomorrow.

Download our high street vs challenger banks report and discover: 

  • Volume and engagement of conversations in the last year
  • Sentiment towards each brand across a range of key issues like accessibility and sustainability
  • Integrated data sets, including coverage and share price
  • How data can help brands identify trends, spot opportunities, close the consumer closeness gap, and innovate
  • and more besides!


Download the report