Make brand management easy

Take a look at your brand through consumer's eyes. Monitor awareness, perception & health and quickly adapt to stay ahead of your competition.

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Listen to what your consumers say about your brand. Everywhere.

Track your performance across the internet, by measuring brand-related conversations and interactions. See exactly how consumers discuss your business and products in real time, through text, image, video, and audio analytics.

Get a 360º view of brand perception.

Put all your consumer data in one place, to get a complete picture of your brand awareness, product perception, customer loyalty, and user satisfaction. Compare your results in real time against your competitors, to monitor your brand success.


Protect your brand from the constant threat of crisis.

Detect issues before they become a crisis, with instant alerts to identify exactly when, and how, to respond. Ensure you have all relevant information on hand during an emergency, to enable you to make the right data-driven decisions.