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Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in the Philippines per industry


A recent Global Web Index report shows that the Philippines is the top country worldwide for the most time spent on the Internet. And a good portion of that time spent online is going to social media usage. What does this mean for marketers? More opportunities for your brand to interact and engage with your audience.

Philippines social media behavior 2021

Source: Digital 2021 Philippines


Social media is all about influence. Gone are the days that companies are able to take control of the narrative across media channels. Thanks to digital and social media, consumers’ access to information has opened up. They no longer just hear about your brand in the news that you’ve seeded, or advertisements that you’ve rolled out. They hear about your brand from fellow consumers. 

Together with Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is among the most active social media platforms in the Philippines. Whether you’re handling an established brand or launching a new business with a digital ‘Instagram storefront’, you might be considering collaboration with Instagram influencers to boost your efforts. Check out the list of must-follow Instagram influencers in the Philippines according to the industry that you’re in.

●     Fashion Influencers

●     Beauty Influencers

●     Food Influencers

●     Travel Influencers

●     Influencer-Entrepreneurs

But wait, how do you decide which influencers are best for your brand?

Know your audience

In order to create an effective influencer marketing strategy, you need to know who you want to reach. Is your target audience being reached by the influencers that you’re considering to collaborate with? It starts with the industry but doesn’t necessarily stop there.

Let’s say you are marketing a clothing brand, not all fashion influencers will be a match. Be very clear about who you are trying to connect with. Understand your persona - are these students? Moms? Find the influencer that identifies with your target audience the most.

"For a collaboration to be truly effective, there must be mutual trust and respect--between the brand and the content creator and most of all, between the content creator and his/her followers. You should know that your audience is smart. They can tell when you're authentic or not, when you're just creating uninspired content for the sake of the money and fake collaborations." - Camille Co @itscamilleco

Know your message

After shortlisting key influencers that you could potentially collaborate with, you must look into the messaging of your campaign and/or brand in general. Is it aligned with the influencer’s values? Always review previous posts and collaborations of the influencers to see if there’s a perfect match or risk damaging your reputation.

“The most fulfilling part of being a Beauty Blogger is the fact that I can help consumers like myself decide on a specific product whether it would work on them or not. I also love it when I get a lot of feedback telling me they were influenced to try and purchase a product because of me. That makes me feel good knowing the level of trust my readers/followers have in me.

Advice? Just be honest and be consistent with what you do. Brands will see how authentic and genuine you are in sharing your thoughts on a service/brand/product.” - Nikki Tiu @askmewhats

Know your goals

Last but not least… with every marketing activity comes great responsibility :). If you are implementing an influencer marketing strategy, you must know what your goals are and what the success metrics would be. Is it to launch a new product line or perhaps create awareness in a new market or territory? By having clear goals, you can determine the KPIs that you should be measuring against to gauge the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Here’s an in-depth guide as to how to find the best Instagram influencers for your brand. Now, check out the ultimate list of instagram influencers in the Philippines (with >10k to 1 million followers) according to industry. Make sure to follow them and feel free to send them a message/DM if you wish to get in touch!

Fashion Instagram influencers in the Philippines

Dani Barretto @danibarretto (662k followers)

Nicole Andersson @nicole_andersson (369k followers)

David Guison @davidguison (360k followers)

Mari Jasmine @marijasmine (348k followers)

Ida Anduyan @idaandu (172k followers)

Chin Chin Obcena @chinchinobcena (121k followers)

Patricia Prieto @patriciaprieto (112k followers)

Lissa Kahayon @lissakahayon (88.4k followers)

Bea Marin @beamarinx (88.1k followers)

Ira Denise Oyco @iradeniseoyco (82.4k followers)

John de Leon @jpbdeleon (58k followers)

Melissa Gatchalian @sartorialpanda (45.6k followers)

Seph Cham @sephcham (31.5k followers)

Jeline Catt @jelinecatt (23.8k followers)

Beauty Instagram influencers in the Philippines

Michelle Dy @michelledyy (1m followers)

Kryz Uy @kryzzzie (697k followers)

Camille Co @itscamilleco (529k followers)

Arisse de Santos @arisse (404k followers)

Raiza Contawi @raizacontawi (231k followers)

Kaycee Enerva @themachomom (24.6k followers)

Angela Nepomuceno @lush_angel (23.6k followers)

Kim Mendoza @kimlmendoza (17.6k followers)

Nikki Tiu @askmewhats (15.9k followers)

Min Ortiz @minortiz (11.4k followers)



Food Instagram influencers in the Philippines

JP Anglo @chefjayps (153k followers)

Jin Perez @jinlovestoeat (38.2k followers)

Petim @ipetim (32.5k followers)

Chichi Tullao @happytummytravels (23.4k followers)

Nathaniel Uy @thehungrychef (17.1k followers)

Travel Instagram influencers in the Philippines

Tricia Gosingtian @tgosingtian (226k followers)

Janina Manipol @janinamanipol (234k followers)

Vina Guerrero @vinaguerrero (161k followers)

Kimi Juan - C @kimijuan (137k followers)

Angel Juarez @thelakwatsero (93.7k followers)

Camie Juan @camiejuan (70.8k followers)

Angel Yeo @imangelyeo (64.2k followers)

Aileen Adalid @i_am_aileen (60.8k followers)

Gael @thepinaysolobackpacker (58.9k followers)

Dominique Tiu @dominiquetiu (32.3k followers)

Thomas Caja @thomascaja (27.2k followers)

Rochelle Abella @rochelleabellaa (26.1k followers)

Influencer-Entrepreneurs in the Philippines

Kim Jones @kimcamjones (806k followers)

Verniece Enciso @verniecenciso (403k followers)

Vern Enciso @vernenciso (366k followers)

Bea Soriano Dee @beibeidee (277k followers)

Martine Ho @martine (275k followers)

Rhea Bue @iamrheabue (78.5k followers)

Tracy Ayson @tracyayson (29.1k followers)

Katrina Loring @katrinaloring (21.5k followers)

Sarah Tirona @sarahtirona (17.3k followers)

Finally, let’s hear it from the influencers themselves:

"I love my job because it allows me to be myself and inspire others in the process. Working with big brands and getting once in a lifetime opportunities has been incredible." - Kryz Uy @kryzzzie


“Being an #influencer is more than just posting beautifully crafted photos in nice places. There’s a lot more work to it than most people might think. It’s a job that requires a lot of your time, effort, passion and constant content. With this ever changing industry, you always have to be on top of things to increase the value of your personal brand. It’s not a 9-5 job but a never ending one as you constantly have to keep up with everything from thinking of new and relevant content, shooting, editing, writing etc. It’s a fun job and comes with a lot of perks too but my advice to everyone who wants to give it a try is that you just have to be your authentic true self.” - Janina Manipol @janinamanipol

“Brand reaching out for me to try their latest products is always exciting. But it's also hard work. I make sure that my posts are as real as they can be. My followers deserve only the truth so I usually work with brand and products I truly believe in.” - Kaycee Enerva @themachomom

The ultimate list of Instagram influencers in the Philippines


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