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Text mining. Transform unstructured data into insights. Person using smartphone, with world map behind and numerous data points mapped.

Text mining - transform unstructured data into insight

Text mining is a natural language processing technique that helps analysts generate powerful insights by finding meaningful patterns and tendencies in unstructured data. Get a demo of what unstructured data mining can do for your brand...
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Fashion and beauty trends in the US

US fashion trends

How the pandemic changed beauty and fashion, and how brands are responding to new consumer demands. Things move quickly when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. As new home-bound...
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Customer journey management header image

Customer journey management to grow your business

Managing the customer journey is to take active control of a series of decisions your customers will make, consciously or not. The customer journey begins with a problem. Your brand,...
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The image reads "Consumer trends in the US" and shows a man cooking over a frying pan with dollar bills raining down, meant to represent the US economy which is about to start heating up.

Consumer trends in the US

As consumers emerge from over a year of isolation, we’re poised to see some big shifts in consumer trends in 2021 across the United States.
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The Talkwalker wave is shown as a podcast sound indicator for this blog showing some of the best tools to do podcast analytics with.

Podcast analytics tools - beyond stats, hear your listener

Podcast analytics tools offer clarity and insight into one of the most powerful channels for advertisers - podcasting. Because it offers a captive audience social proof of useful products, podcasts...
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A man sits at the laptop computer as he stares out at both data, and a lake.

It's time to go beyond social and build your data lake

Your brand needs a data lake, now more than ever. It’s time for brands to go beyond social and build a data lake from which they can fish for insights.
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Social media dashboards

[Updated] Social media dashboards: a guide

Social media dashboards allow you to decide the answer to the pivotal question every stressed out marketer asks: Does this need immediate attention? This includes a range of tasks such...
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Some assets meant to symbolize the e-commerce industry are shown, including a credit card, a shopping cart, and a computer.

E-commerce industry report - now shipping

Talkwalker’s new e-commerce industry report is out now. The report(s) are filled with US and global insights on how brands are tackling the suddenly-hyperactive sales channel of online retail. There’s...
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The differences between social media monitoring and social listening are portrayed conceptually in this image of a cityscape with futuristic looking charts and graphs representing information being shared.

Social media monitoring versus social listening

What is the difference? Social media requires rigorous analytics and fanatical attention to the details. The best social media managers know when the brand needs to strike a respectful and helpful tone, and when it can pay dividends to be cheeky.  For the rest of us, there are social media monitoring, social listening, and social media analytics tools to help.
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marketing strategies for telehealth companies are shared

Telehealth marketing strategies

It’s way easier than going to the doctor’s actual office, everyone is doing it nowadays: telehealth! Telehealth’s marketing strategies are effective, as growth in the industry shows.  Virtual doctor’s visits...
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Seltzer bubbles tickle a green lime and yellow lemon

Summer of Hard Seltzer

If you’re uber cool and super-culturally connected, like me, you’re probably thinking the summer of hard seltzer was last year, right? Nope, this has been the summer of seltzer. No...
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A man celebrates the return of sports to American televisions.

Sports are back, and so are the brands

With the return of three of the major sports leagues from hiatus and postponement, Americans are rejoicing because there’s live sports on TV again! They won’t look exactly the same...
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Ski passes left in the snow cost over $1000. Don't get left in the cold.

IKON Pass marketing strategy

Marketing strategies that the IKON Pass, and other big ticket purchases like ski passes, cruises or luxury goods use are different from other products. Learn how to get customers to put down big bucks, because these are tactics all marketers can use.
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best online marketing certificates you can learn from a computer

The best online marketing courses and certificates

The best marketing courses online -- and the certificates they grant -- can help you prove you’re the marketer you say you are. Becoming a better marketer is hard. It...
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Report: Social media audience trends during the pandemic

Report: Social media audience trends during the pandemic

Looking at trends around social media audiences during the pandemic reveals a lot of new shifts. It should come as no surprise, during the lockdown society has endured for the...
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virtual marketing events in calendar format

Best Marketing Virtual Events and Webinars This Year

Virtual marketing events are so hot right now. Were you excited for a calendar chock-full of exciting physical events, with expert speakers, perhaps in exotic locales? The novel coronavirus pandemic...
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People cheer healthcare workers

#StayAtHomeChallenge: Hashtags for social good

Social media has played its role in bringing people together during our new reality of self-isolation and social distancing. Positive hashtags have become public service announcements in the fight to...
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a grocery man delivers food from your favorite food delivery services.

Food delivery services: the industry now

Food delivery services are facing a surge in demand. Their marketing now must shift away from winning customers to understanding customers. This report will look at how America is staying...
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An image of a man interacting with various icons meant to represent social media channels: In this blog you will find social media marketing resources categorized by channel

The best social media marketing resources for each social channel

The best social media marketing resources show off the best in nuance, creativity, analysis, and testing in the field. They should also give you a pathway to emulate their success. 
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Super Bowl LIV Social Media Stats 2020

Super Bowl LIV Social Media Stats 2020

Talkwalker has done what we do best: monitoring social media to learn and share insights from the Super Bowl. Get ready to learn about the conversations people are having around...
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Best digital marketing blogs in the US

21 of the best digital marketing blogs in the US

The best digital marketing blogs in the US tend to be written by the best digital marketers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, but you should use it as a benchmark.   Get your free digital marketing guide.
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how to measure social media engagement plus tools to help you track and calculate your social media engagements.

How to measure social media engagement + tools to track

Knowing how to measure social media engagement, and the different types of engagement doesn’t have to be hard. Many tools exist to do the math for you. It should be...
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how to measure virality

How to measure virality

Has your boss ever handed you an assignment that was little more than the imperative: make our brand go viral? First you might worry, how can I go viral? Then...
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A woman takes a photo of an iconic tourist destination and uses an Instagram hashtag to achieve maximum visibility.

The ultimate guide to using Instagram hashtags for brands

With over 500 million daily users on Instagram Stories, and nearly 100 million photos and videos posted to the platform every day, it's easy to get lost in the noise.
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Rafael's Publications

Case study - Grubhub

How Grubhub listened to customers to deliver excellence

Grubhub's services became an essential lifeline for food delivery when the global pandemic struck. Using consumer insights from social media, they were able to improve and inspire the food experience during a challenging time.  Learn how the Grubhub team:   Listened to customers to learn their concerns about the delivery process and put them at ease Monitored and cheered as New...
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Case study - Square Enix

How Square Enix launches a video game while optimizing for the fan experience

Square Enix is the video game publisher behind some of the most beloved video game titles of all time, including the Final Fantasy series.  During a video game launch, it's...
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Industry report - ecommerce - usa

Industry report: E-commerce in the US

Innovative brands shift to an online selling strategy How can companies make the most of this fast-growing industry? Simple: They must adapt.
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Sports, Stadiums, and Sponsors: From Brand Noise to Strategic Insights

Sports, Stadiums, and Sponsors: From Brand Noise to Strategic Insights

What does gameday look like at the ballpark on social media? The Milwaukee Brewers have an answer and it delights fans and sponsors alike.
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Social Media Audience Trends During the Pandemic

What does that mean for a marketer today? Where can you focus your efforts to ensure you’re reaching and generating powerful brand loyalists? In this comprehensive report powered by Talkwalker...
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