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Vodacom marketing strategy

Vodacom marketing strategy

Vodacom’s marketing strategy has been hugely successful in enabling the South African brand to achieve a massive brand pivot. In the last few years, Vodacom went from being just a telecommunications provider to becoming a leading digital company. Keep reading to find out how they managed the pivot and get inspired! 
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South africa social media stats

Social media statistics and usage in South Africa

40% of South Africa’s population are active social media users. That’s 22.89 million people out of an estimated population of over 57 million. To cut through that noise, you need...
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Unpacking the secrets of the world's most loved brands

We joined forces with marketing experts from all over the world to unpack the findings from our latest report, the Brand Love Story 2020, which revealed the 50 most loved...
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instagram influencers in south africa covering food, lifestyle, travel, sustainability, B2B, motivation, fitness, fashion, wellness,

Top Instagram influencers in South Africa to follow in 2020

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing marketing activity and media channel across the globe. That’s no surprise considering that most of us check our social media feeds on a daily basis. 
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Middle East TikTok influencers

A guide to TikTok: Opportunities for brands & influencers

Nothing like a good dose of humor and dance routines to fill up days of self-isolation that blend into each other. That’s exactly why TikTok usage has soared over the...
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What is digital PR

What is digital PR and why is it important?

Backlinks. Link building. Black hat links. Domain authority. Link indexation...  Traditional public relations professionals might not understand how these terms have anything to do with PR. Digital PR professionals live...
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saudi arabia influencers bloggers vloggers

Ultimate guide to Instagram influencer marketing in Saudi Arabia

Social media and influencer marketing have proven more important and resilient than ever today. With increased consumption of digital media during quarantine, the demand for digital content is at an...
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Middle East Podcasts

Top Middle East podcasts that should be on your radar

It’s no secret that the podcast scene in the Middle East is booming! Aptly enough - given the Middle East’s rich history that is steeped in oral tradition. Have you...
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Instagram influencers UAE

Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in the UAE

When was the last time you talked about influencers? We read about them, we follow them, we have debates over them, we research them, and we often end up working with them! In this post, I’ll help you find the right ones who match your interests or criteria. 
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webinar marketing zoom alternatives

A complete guide to webinar marketing in 2020

If you haven’t delved into the world of webinar marketing yet, this guide will help you cash in on one of the most powerful marketing tools today. From webinar marketing...
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Bahrain Instagram influencer go pro scenic photo

Top Instagram influencers in Bahrain to follow in 2020

The role of digital and social media marketing in Bahrain, and the Gulf as a whole, is growing year after year. Specifically, when it comes to Instagram influencer marketing.
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employee video conference with colleagues during coronavirus COVID-19

Expert roundup: advice for brands to follow during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every business in the world. This is a crucial moment. How brands react now will shape long-term loyalty. We reached out to our network...
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people at event, conference, or forum discussing marketing, business, technology, social media

Middle East Marketing, Tech & Business events to attend in 2020

The best Middle East marketing, technology and business virtual events are right at your fingertips with this frequently updated list & 2020 calendar with over 60 listings. Must attend? I think so! 
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people at event, conference, or forum in south africa discussing marketing, business, technology, social media

Top South Africa marketing, tech & business events to attend in 2020

The best marketing, technology and business events to attend in South Africa are right at your fingertips with this frequently updated list & 2020 calendar of over 60 conferences. Must...
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Welcome to Arabia

#WelcomeToArabia: The Social Media Campaign That Unveiled a New Side of Saudi Arabia

Hashtags are key to planning and managing an effective online marketing campaign, so don’t forget to track and analyze them!
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over 400 travel influencers based in the Middle East to work on summer marketing campaigns

Middle East travel influencers you need to know about

Whether you're looking for a travel influencer to work with on a marketing campaign or to simply inspire your next vacation,  you've landed at the right place!  
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Social media statistics in Saudi Arabia

Social media statistics in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia currently has a total population of 33.85 million. Of that population, 23 million or 68% are active social media users. To cut through the social noise, you need...
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5 marketing campaign lessons from Middle East brands

The busiest ad season of the year comes with its share of excitement, competition, and marketing campaign lessons to be learned.
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social insights middle east film comic con

Social insights: Middle East Film & Comic Con 2019

Every marketer knows an event doesn't start and end on the actual day of the event. The buzz generated before, during, and after an event offers brands a wealth of...
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Global State of PR 2020

The Global State of PR

What do public relations activities look like today? Should PR sit under marketing, digital or SEO? Or is it a standalone industry in its own right? 
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