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Uniqlo marketing strategy

UNIQLO marketing strategy

UNIQLO is one of the fastest growing clothing brands in Asia. With a presence in relatively all the major cities worldwide, the brand is known for making high quality clothing that promotes everyday comfort. Read on to find out more about the UNIQLO marketing strategy and how the company successfully built a name for itself over the years. Get your...
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Instagram Influencers in Australia

Ultimate list of Instagram Influencers in Australia per industry

Influencer marketing has grown bigger and trendier in the past few years. And it’s not over. Despite the pandemic, influencer marketing continues to be a key pillar of brands' marketing...
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Instagram Influencers Singapore

Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Singapore per industry

Influencer marketing is certainly not a new trend, especially in Singapore. In a country where 84.4% of the population is active on social media primarily on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, brands...
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Instagram Influencers in the Philippines

Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in the Philippines per industry

Influencer marketing is a trending topic and brands are reportedly putting more priority in collaborating with influencers to boost audience engagement. In this post, I’ll tackle how brands can leverage...
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Marketing trends in beauty industry

5 Marketing Trends in the Beauty Industry

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to be on social media without stumbling upon content related to the beauty industry. It could be a campaign, a product advertisement, or news about brand...
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E-commerce marketing in Asia: 10 examples to inspire your strategy

Consumers today expect a certain level of convenience and positive customer experience from brands or services they are engaging with. In this article, I’ve rounded up a list of e-commerce...
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Why customer experience is vital & how to use data for your CX strategy

The reality is that the customer’s standard for good customer experience is higher than ever. With the emergence of more and more brand touch points thanks to increased digitalization, it’s...
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10 best survey tools (for marketing and consumer research)

How well do you know your customers? What do they like? What don’t they like? What are their challenges, preferences, motivations? Truly understanding your customers is crucial to business success,...
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Billabong marketing strategy & what you can learn from it

According to the 2020 Brand Love Story report, there are at least 11 methods that brands are using to drive audience engagement and brand love. This article will dive deep into the Billabong marketing strategy and which of the proven methods the iconic Australian brand has used to drive brand love and engagement over the years.
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Top marketing experts in Asia

Top marketing experts in Asia (and where to meet them)

The marketing industry is always evolving. To be successful, marketers have to constantly adapt to new trends in this hyper-dynamic field. A great way to boost your knowledge and skills...
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digital marketing events in asia

The best digital marketing events in Asia [updated for 2020]

It goes without saying that as a marketer, keeping up with the digital trends is part of the trade. Whether you’re new in the digital marketing scene or looking to...
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Crisis communication

Best crisis communication examples from leading brands in Asia

In times of uncertainty, we could all use some guidance and inspiration from people or brands who have got it figured out. Discover how the leading brands in Southeast Asia...
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5 examples of the best marketing campaigns in Singapore

Marketers keep busy developing and executing marketing campaigns all year round. If you’re feeling a bit stuck or trying to keep up with new trends then we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best marketing campaigns in Singapore that you can replicate or take inspiration from to rock your 2020! Download Marketing Campaign Cheatsheet...
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PR Survey Local blog

Report reveals key statistics about the PR industry in Asia

How should you define PR in the digital age? In this article, we’ll dive into the key PR statistics and trends in Asia based on the findings presented in the...
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Ultimate list of digital marketing blogs in Australia

Unfortunately, learning never stops with a university degree. Particularly not in the marketing world where upskilling and reskilling are a must. Good news is that there are a lot of...
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Instagram influencers in Indonesia

Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Indonesia per industry

Recent reports show that Indonesia has become the biggest market for Instagram in the Asia Pacific. In this post, I’ll highlight how marketers can leverage influencer marketing to boost online...
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Most popular Instagram hashtags Australia

The ultimate list of Instagram hashtags in Australia

As a business owner or social media marketer, if you’re looking to increase brand visibility and engagement, Instagram should be right up there on your list. Did you know that...
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Social Media Interview with Hong Kong Airlines' Dennis Owen

Choosing a social listening tool & what to use it for [Expert’s Opinion]

Keeping up with the latest social media platforms is hard enough. How do you stay on top of all the chatter and filter through the noise of social media? Enter...
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best social media monitoring tools

The 13 best social media monitoring tools

Social media has evolved from somewhere to post messages, to a game-changing marketing channel that brands are all over. For a successful social strategy, brands should monitor performance with social...
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Social mentions event

How to track social mentions during an event

Are events part of your marketing strategy? Regardless of your industry, events provide a unique opportunity for your brand to build a connection with your target audience. This is particularly...
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Talkwalker Singapore office launch

Talkwalker launches Singapore office, brings best-in-class social listening to Asia

Yet another milestone. From Luxembourg, New York, Frankfurt, and San Francisco, Talkwalker officially arrives in Singapore, bringing best-in-class AI-powered social listening to the Asia Pacific region.   Get in touch with Talkwalker...
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Changing the Face of Malaysian Makeup - How Lion & Lion Helped Launch Rimmel

How Lion & Lion Helped Launch Rimmel

Changing the Face of Malaysian Makeup...
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