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Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform:
built for speed of insight, ease of use and data democratization

Talkwalker is the platform of choice for over 2,500 brands

Answer your strategic questions in real time

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Strong insights backed by solid and reliable data 

Talkwalker brings together curated data from 30+ social networks, 150 million websites and 100 customer feedback sources.

Empowering you to direct strategic initiatives confidently to achieve your most important priorities.

Get to insight faster through cutting-edge AI automation

Blue Silk™ GPT, the secret sauce behind the magic of Talkwalker, helps you cut through to the signal hidden in all the noise.

Get to the true insight hidden in millions of consumer conversations and 1000s of pieces of customer feedback in seconds.

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Foster a culture of data democratization across your teams

Enable seamless collaboration by providing all departments with access to crucial insights and a single source of truth.

Empower decision-making with consistent KPIs and solutions tailored to industry and role, allowing for data-driven strategies and growth.

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Talkwalker has allowed us to unlock access to a much larger conversation around our brand

Jordan Schultz
Social Media Manager

A Leader in The Forrester New Wave™

Make consumer centric decisions in real time with actionable insights

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