What Is Image Recognition? The 9 Best Resources From Around The Web

What Is Image Recognition? The 9 Best Resources From Around The Web

We’ve said before that images are everywhere online. With now more than 1.8 billion photos being uploaded daily on the internet, the web has become thoroughly visual. As specialists in the field of extracting insights from vast amounts of data, we at Talkwalker believe that brands can’t ignore the effect these images have on customer perception.

But how can companies leverage the the power of images? It’s easy for humans to process pictures, but we quickly reach our limits with the constant flow of new visuals that are being posted online. Developers have thus been working on making computers do the work for us, and recently, there have been some phenomenal breakthroughs in this field. Our proprietary Talkwalker image recognition technology is part of these exciting developments.

To give you an overview of what image recognition is and why your brand should start benefiting from it now, we’ve compiled a list of the best resources around the web.

Image recognition: why is it important for your business?

1. Image Recognition: The Next Frontier of Search

Shelly Kramer gives a great, snappy intro to image recognition technology. Everything you need to know about the basics plus what’s to come in under two minutes.

2. How Can Image Recognition Help Your Company’s Social Marketing Efforts?

Next up: Adweek’s look at the importance of detecting which visuals are shared about your brand. Talks about finding influencers you never knew you had and leveraging user-generated content. Highly recommended!

3. Introducing Image Recognition: The Future of Social Listening

Our very own all-about-image-recognition blog post shows you four concrete examples of how brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks can benefit from this tech. Check out what brands are missing out on without visual listening.

Image recognition, machine learning, and beyond

4. AI can now describe pictures: A look at the potential business impact

Interest in computer vision is not limited to marketing departments, as this article points out. See which applications and industries image recognition is set to transform.

5. Why should marketers care about image recognition technology?

Find out what the big players are up to – image-based platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and even e-commerce giant Alibaba are experimenting with image recognition.

6. Google says machine learning is the future. So I tried it myself

Alex Hern from the Guardian has a crack at training a simple neural network. It’s a slightly longer read, but entertaining and insightful.

The lighter side of image recognitio

7. The surreal dreams of Google’s image recognition software

We know it’s a long list, but be sure to check this one out. It shows what Google’s research team is working on and the fun stuff that happens when you teach computers to see.

8. Image Recognition in Action: Are you Nutella?

A short video about what the fans of one of the world’s most loved household staples are up to.

9. Meetup: Deep Learning – Theory and Applications

If you really, really want to dig in and have an hour to spare, our devs highly recommend this entry-level presentation on Deep Learning.

We hope you’ve found some interesting new insights in our round-up. If you have recommendations for us, leave us a note in the comments and we’ll be sure to check it out!

And lastly, if you want to find out more about how your brand can use this fantastic technology today, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free demo.

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