Top 60 Twitter Influencers in India

    Before we dig deeper into Twitterverse, let's take a step back and look at why we're talking about influencer marketing so much. We ran a search for the term "influencer marketing" on Google trends and here is what we found.

    Influencer marketing has been on the rise in India for the past 5 years, but the current COVID situation has only added to the hype about influencer marketing. The biggest peak for the term occured in May this year. That gives us something to think about of course - so if you're a brand or an agency looking at slashing your influencer marketing budget, maybe it's time to revisit this strategy?

    Influencer marketing and Covid

    The current crisis in the country means that brands and agencies alike have had to cut down on their budgets for every channel except digital. Conventional marketing involved shoots, videos and billboards which are a distant dream today. What is definitely possible is anything that involves contactless production of content and its distribution. Enter digital. An analysis done by Nielsen recently shows that time spent on social media, per week, per user has been up by 25% - which is a huge spike and a majority of this comes from tier II and tier III cities. This is big news for influencer marketing.

    Influencers are master content creators and they're also masters of the digital universe. Not only do they have the ability to create extremely relevant content, they also have the ability to shoot everything from scratch and make it from the comfort of their own homes. This means that people who are turning to social media for entertainment will not only find what they're looking for - they'll also enjoy it.

    Infact, influencers can save your brand from being forgotten after the Covid situation.

    Our top Twitter influencers

    How do we identify what's the "top" influencers look like? Is it by their reach? Their number of followers? Their engagement? Let me answer that for you before we share our list. 

    I ran a "Twitter only" search for the top influencers for various industries - eg. fashion, travel etc. Mind you, all of these people are those who have the various industries they work in, within their bio. For eg., for food, I only looked for people who have "food blogger" in their bio. Of course, it's important to remember that a lot of the times influencers don't simply stick to their niche. If they have a large platform, they can use it for multiple things - eg., food and travel often go hand in hand. Or health and beauty.

    I ordered all results according to engagement and viola! I found, the top 10 influencers per industry. Additionally, we've removed political figures from the results to make sure that the focus is only on content. So, without further ado, let's have a look at India's top influencers.

    Fashion Twitter influencers in India

    •Ishita Yadav @IshitaYadav 45.7k

    •Amena @Fashionopolis 11.1k


    • Diya Mehroliya @DiyaMehroliya 27.3k

    •Disha Satra @Dishasatra 37.9k

    •Shaina NC @ShainaNC 209.2k

    •Dabboo Ratnani @DabbooRatnani 1.7M

    •Miss Malini @MissMalini 2.7M

    •Ranveer Allahbadia @BeerBicepsGuy 118.3k

    •Safir @safiranand 63.8K

    •Neelam @NEELAM_______ 4.3K

    Fitness Twitter influencers in India

    •Mohammad Kaif @MohammadKaif 1.2M

    •Ajinkya Rahane @ajinkyarahane88 5.7M

    •The Health Videos @TheHealthVid 204K

    •Ramya Subramanian @actorramya 1.5M

    •Hema Rukmani @Hemarukmani1 389.8K

    •Ranveer Allahbadia @BeerBicepsGuy 118.3k

    •Ritu Phogat @PhogatRitu 124.7k

    •Vijay Shankar @vijayshankar260 335.2k

    •Sandeep Mall @SandeepMall 12k

    •Gul Panag @GulPanag 2.8M

    Travel Twitter influencers in India

    •Amit Bhawani @amitbhawani 229.8k

    •Aditi Raval @aditiraval 83.7k

    •Shama Sikander @shamasikander 121.8k

    •Durgesh Gupta @DurgeshG7 94.5k

    •Shailaja Shashikant Jogal @jogalshailaja 32.7k

    •Auditya Venkatesh @AudiPhotography 23.6k


    •Stardust @LifeOfStardust 10.5k

    •Komal Shahani @KomalShahani 10.5K

    •Ranveer Brar @ranveerbrar 1.7M

    •Hena Prasun @Hena19 11.1K

    Tech Twitter influencers in India

    • Manu Kumar Jain @manukumarjain 381.6K

    • Dhaval Patel @dhaval241086 81.9K

    • Dr Omkar Rai @Omkar_Raii 15.2K

    • Achyuta Samanta @achyuta_samanta 169.2K

    • Ranjit @geekyranjit 480K

    • Ashish Chandorkar @c_aashish 54.5K

    • Beebom @beebomco 150.9K

    • Rakhi Tripathi @rakhitripathi 15.8K

    • Dr. Ashwathnarayan C. N. @drashwathcn 108.7k

    • Amit Paranjape @aparanjape 54.4K

    Food Twitter influencers in India

    • Chef Meghna @MeghnaFoodMagic 20.5K

    • Pragati Mahapatra @NotSoCordial 2k

    • Tripti Charan @TriptiCharan 3.6K

    • Atul Maharaj @Atulmaharaj 3.5K

    • Madhurima @orangewayfarer 4.5K

    • Nikita & Kamal @FoodiePunters 3.7K

    • Raghav Modi @raghavmodi 5.7K

    • Verika Awal @VernikaAwal 1.5K

    • Nandita Iyer @saffrontrail 53.5K

    • Pratik @myfoodsojourn 2.2K

    Music Twitter influencers in India

    • Thaman S @MusicThaman 1.5M

    • Anirudh Ravichander @anirudhofficial 7.6M

    • Devi S Prasad @ThisIsDSP 4.2M

    • Adnan Sami 679.7K


    • Siddharth Srinivas @sidhuwrites 68.2K

    • D Imman @immancomposer 1.3M

    • Lilac @LilacSeeker 6.2K

    • Lahari Music @LahariMusic 243K

    • Kolly Buzz @vbzu 57.1K

    • Aanand Audio @aanandaaudio 82.4K