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The Top 5 Marketing Campaigns in India

The Top 5 Marketing Campaigns in India

Crafting the perfect marketing campaign may seem like mission impossible these days. Gone are the days when marketing was all about brand visibility. Today it’s closer to data science than traditional marketing - tracking leads, new users, ROI, and much more. But the good news is that you can always learn from other successful digital marketing campaigns. We’ve also put together a campaign playbook for you which can help you along the way. Grab it below!

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Swiggy had an outstanding year with a multitude of marketing campaigns that rocked their social media handles. The one that stands out the most is the #SwiggyVoiceofHunger campaign which they launched in association with Dentsu Webchutney. The campaign was primarily focused on Instagram. Last year Instagram launched a feature in which you could send voice notes on DMs and Swiggy capitalized on it. Participants were invited to send Swiggy a voice note via DM wherein the shape of the soundwave they created while sending the voice note had to resemble the shape of a dish that Swiggy posted that day. They had five such dishes/challenges :

1. Kebab skewer

2. Shawarma

3. Fish

4. Nacho

5. 21 Stack Pancake

Winners were entitled to get Swiggy vouchers for (wait for it) an entire year!

Needless to say - Swiggy saw an outstanding response with 1.5lakh DMs in just 10 days! They also brought in influencers like Srishti Dixit , Rohan Joshi and more to participate in this challenge which greatly boosted their campaign and overall brand awareness.

Insights from Talkwalker’s Quick Search

Though the campaign was focused on Instagram, I did some digging on Quick Search which looks at data on other platforms and found a lot of interesting hashtags associated with the campaign. Apart from the official campaign hashtag - #SwiggyVoiceofHunger, it raised awareness about #FoodSafety and #FoodSecurity. It was also a reflection of Dentsu’s clean sweep at the Cannes Lions last year. #CannesLions, #RoadToCannes and #casestudy are the three hashtags that reflect this.

2. Ariel India

Ariel India struck a chord last year with their #SharetheLoad campaign which quickly became a movement. They launched a poignant video in January 2019 which showed a harassed mom cleaning up after her son, who learnt that her daughter wanted to quit her job because her husband was incapable of helping her with household chores. The lady then realized that she was making the same mistake with her son and proceeded to teach him how to do his laundry.

This video received over 9 Million views and an outstanding response from all over the country. Ariel too got a large number of celebrities and influencers to take part in their campaign such as Shifa Merchant, Rajkumar Rao and many others. That’s a multichannel marketing campaign if there ever was one!

Insights from Talkwalker's Quick Search

Looking at data from the last year, we can see that the campaign spread far and wide and not only that, it was widely spoken about by both women and men as can be seen, and is particularly popular among Gen Y and Gen Z. Hopefully this means that future generations will see a rise in all genders sharing the load.

3. Spotify

Spotify’s Diwali campaign last year - featuring Anil Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar was a big success, garnering over 50 million views on YouTube.

Since Spotify entered the Indian market in only 2019, this campaign is more of an awareness campaign for them - to show people that they have over 50 million songs that they can choose from.

“Diwali is all about chores, family time, get-togethers with friends, and new beginnings. We wanted our playlists and campaign to be as fresh and fun as what this festive season brings. It’s also a huge festival for our diaspora audiences and our playlists have been created keeping those users in mind as well. This is perhaps one of the most important cultural moments for our users and we want to ensure we are a part of all that they celebrate,” said Amarjit Batra, Managing Director for Spotify India. (source: Social Samosa)