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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs in India

The Best Digital Marketing Blogs in India

India is exploding with digital marketing blogs - digital marketing is the fastest growing segment of marketing. According to PWC’s report last year, internet media and advertising spends in India are double that compared to the rest of the world. So it's definitely important that you know what you're doing with you marketing $. Download our free ebook and master your social media engagement.

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So naturally, it follows that there would be digital marketing blogs to help people maneuver the relatively new and extremely fast paced world of digital marketing. But there are a huge number of digital marketing blogs in India, how do you know which ones to refer to on a daily basis? So without further ado, let’s dive into the top 20 digital marketing blogs in India.


1. Social Samosa

2. Campaign India

3. AdGully

4.Digital Deepak

5. Sorav Jain

6.Digital Vidya

7. Shout me Loud

8. Lighthouse Insights

9. Afaqs

10. Talkwalker

1- Social Samosa: No list of social media and digital marketing publications in India would be complete without Social Samosa. The publication is a resource for agencies and brand marketers alike - ripe with examples of exemplary campaigns, checklists and cheat sheets that can help make any marketer’s lives easier. This publication has moved on from being just a blog - with their frequent Facebook Live sessions with influencers, in-depth campaign analyses and memes on Instagram. It’s a complete resource for businesses to reach their audience as well as for the audience to read enriching content. They also host a number of events throughout the year which bring together industry experts from across the world of media, agencies and brands.

2-Campaign India: If you’re looking for the latest news in the agency world and around ad campaigns, this is for you. Campaign India is a repository for recent campaigns, digital marketing industry news and of course interesting interviews and editorial pieces ( under their “Opinion” section). They also provide extensive coverage of events in the industry, ad campaigns and video coverage.

3-AdGully: AdGully, as the name suggests is heavily focuses on the advertising and media industry. AdGully brings news from not just the digital marketing circle, but also from offline marketing and media. They also have a lot of editorial content around the movie industry which is a segment not covered by the previous two publications. AdGully also has their own flagship events throughout the year which brings different segments of the industry together.

4- Digital Deepak: When it comes to digital marketing blogs, digital Deepak is definitely a resource that every digital marketer could benefit from. Deepak was a digital marketer in leading brands like Practo and Razorpay before he embarked on his career as a marketing consultant and entrepreneur. If you’re looking to level up your knowledge in the field of digital marketing or to even start your own business, Digital Deepak’s blog is a must-read reference. He’s also puts together courses and programs where he shares knowledge around the different channels of digital marketing - like SEO, content, email marketing and so on.

5- Sorav Jain: Sorav Jain is a well-known name in digital marketing circles in India. Not only is an influencer like Deepak, he also spearheads an agency based out of Chennai which has helped numerous brands with digital marketing. Apart from this, Jain also advocates spreading knowledge about digital marketing to rural areas in India and is himself working on making digital marketing knowledge free for people from rural India.

6- Digital Vidya: If you’re looking to upskill yourself in the field of Digital Marketing, Digital Vidya is your one stop shop. It’s a repository of courses, webinars and classes designed to help individuals grow in the field of digital marketing. Digital Vidya is focused mainly on upskill and education as opposed to news from the media and marketing industry. The organization also provides trainings at scale for corporate purposes and different organizations.

7- Shout me Loud : This is a digital marketing blog which is a one stop shop for people trying to get the hang of affiliate marketing. The founder of this publication is Harsh Agrawal who spearheads this initiative and has managed to curate community of 900k readers globally. I also noticed something interesting on their website - a section where they’ve put together a curated list of Black Friday discounts from across the internet. So it really is a repository that is serious about promoting other brands and bringing as many resources to the table as possible to help digital marketers.

8- Lighthouse Insights: Lighthouse insights is one of the oldest blogs around in the field of digital marketing for India. For years they’ve sent around a Newsletter that has been widely followed in the digital industry. Their newsletters were extremely popular since they are pioneers in the industry and followed closely by everyone in the field of marketing. Today they have a website dedicated to digital content, marketing insights and much more.

9- Afaqs: This is one of the most popular digital marketing blogs in India. Not only is it a blog, it’s also a resource for media and marketing professionals. Afaqs is a very respected name in the industry and is a source of all the latest news in the agency world, media industry and much more - it’s also a place where you can find exclusive interviews of execs, campaign analysis and much more.

10- Talkwalker: If you’re looking at a free resource that’s going to help you upskill your digital marketing knowledge, our blog is a one stop shop for you. Whether it’s decoding global marketing campaigns, tips for protecting your brand reputation, the best content marketing ideas - this blog has it all. We also try to keep up with the latest marketing trends and decode them for you so you know how to stay ahead of the competition.