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Talkwalker refresh - for collaboration, ease, and instant insights

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New look Talkwalker - even more capabilities

The best thing about the new platform is that everything you could do before - you can do today.

We still have extensive data coverage. A simple framework for success. Leading AI-powered analytics. And everything else the biggest global brands have come to love about Talkwalker.

It’s now:-

  • Faster
  • Easier to use
  • More collaborative
  • And packed with more features than ever before

Talkwalker refresh - overview

Combine all your social media, online mentions, surveys and owned data for a single source of truth.

More than just a new look

On first glance, you can see we now have a crisper, cleaner interface. We took the time to adjust menus and dropdowns, for less clicks, more work.

But it’s much more than just our old platform in a new suit. This refresh gave us the opportunity to improve every aspect of the platform, including…

Improved teamwork capabilities

Social analytics is not a solo enterprise. Brands now need effective data democratization across their whole company - giving everyone access to brand insights and actions.

This new update makes collaboration even easier - keeping teams, data, and projects connected.

As part of this, we’re including account libraries. These allow you to store and share popular search topics, filters, channels and more across all projects.

For example, if you have created a filter that helps identify buying signs for one project, you can now share that across all your projects.

And if anything changes in a search query, such as a new non-related subject causing false positives in your project, you can update the search. And it will update in all your projects instantly.

Faster analytic capabilities

The world is getting faster. As communication pros, we have to work hard just to keep up.

That’s why we’ve optimized Talkwalker to make it even faster to use.

One highlight of this, are our revitalized IQ Apps. They’ve been optimized, based on customer feedback, to assist with the most critical use cases. With the same workflow logic as the main platform, they integrate more effectively into your projects.

From brand listening to campaign monitoring, competitive intelligence to crisis management, they help users get valuable analytics from day one.

Talkwalker refresh - brand listening

The refreshed IQ Apps, such as the Brand Listening App, make reviewing your brand quick and easy.

Easier to use

One of our visions at Talkwalker is to break the silos of data wide open, allowing everyone to access the information they require easily. Frontlines workers can get detailed insights out of the box, and analysts get a valuable jump start on their advanced work too.

That’s not to say insights should be simple. Just simple to obtain. Even the most in-depth consumer intelligence should be available in minutes, not hours.

This refresh is enabling that. This means an improved navigation system across analytics and dashboards, and a user-designed home screen.

Even more features

And that’s not all. We took the time to add and improve even more elements to the platform, including:

  • Extending Visual Insights - We’ve expanded our image and video recognition feature, to now detect image similarity. That means you can now track images related to your brand logo or campaign elements. Or to identify popular scenes containing your products.

Talkwalker refresh - image similarity

Quickly find similar images to help monitor content being shared.

  • Topic wheel - The new topic wheel adds an additional level of insights to our word clouds when comparing queries. By categorizing topics and sub-topics, they help you understand the conversations your consumers are having in a quick, easy to understand visualization.

Talkwalker refresh - topic wheel

The new topic wheel helps you subcategorize themes, for faster analysis.

  • Quora data - We’ve now included data from the Quora website, to provide you with an overview of how consumers and potential customers are discussing your products on the platform. With over 300 million of unique visitors, and millions of new questions and answers published each month, that’s a lot of valuable insights.
  • And so much more. This release adds more visualizations, more data, more insights than ever before. More than we could ever cover here.

Talkwalker’s revolution

Over the past few months, Talkwalker has experienced a drastic change. To ensure we remain the leading social listening platform, we’ve been adapting to meet the expectations of the next generation of users. For powerful analytics and more insights from conversational intelligence.

Following the launch of our data-driven logo, new look website, this rejuvenation of the Talkwalker platform is ready for the next generation of social listening and analytics. To experience it for yourself, request a free demo below.

Talkwalker refresh - Free demo CTA


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