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Top Instagram influencers in Bahrain to follow in 2020

Top Instagram influencers in Bahrain to follow in 2020

The role of digital and social media marketing in Bahrain, and the Gulf as a whole, is growing year after year. Specifically, when it comes to Instagram influencer marketing.

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Many brands now prioritize including social media influencers in their marketing strategies - and Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing today.

What is influencer marketing?

A lot of people might think influencer marketing consists of marketing teams indiscriminately throwing money and freebies at those who are lucky enough to have racked up thousands of followers online.

But it’s not.

Influencer marketing is a marketing discipline in its own right. It is one of the many ways a brand can build awareness and generate leads.

For example, there are many cases of restaurants who experience a huge surge in revenue following a collaboration with a social media food influencer.

Influencers can promote a variety of products and services - from restaurants, hotels, and airlines, to fashion & beauty brands, cars, sports, wellness products, consumer technology and much much more.

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How Influencer Marketing Differs from Celebrity Endorsement

Simply put - celebrity endorsement is old school (#OKBoomer), influencer marketing is new age.

Both types of marketing deploy the same strategy - getting someone with clout to explicitly endorse your product. The tactics, however, are different.

Celebrity endorsements rely heavily on OOH advertising and TV spots.

Influencer marketing is more focused on social media platforms. The platforms could differ from one influencer campaign to another based on an influencer’s following figures or on your campaign target audience.

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For example, you could choose to work with influencer X on Twitter and influencer Y on Instagram solely because they have better figures on the respective platforms. Alternatively, you could choose to work with a handful of influencers on only one social media platform as it suits your campaign brief the most (think LinkedIn for a B2B campaign).

In this piece, I'll focus on influencers with Instagram accounts that caught my attention, covering variety of different topics.

I'm also choosing Bahrain Instagram influencers with different audience base sizes (nano, micro, macro, and celebrity) to help you meet the critiera you have for your various marketing campaigns.

As we all know now, there is no one-size-fits-all apporach to influencer marketing. Different brands and different campaigns have different requirements - and your influencer collaborations should be tailored to meet each and every one.

Now, without further ado, here’s my curated selection of some of the best Instagram influencers in Bahrain.

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Top Instagram influencers in Bahrain to follow in 2020

Ahmed Sharif

Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Bahrain-based production company, Mova Productions.

He posts entertaining videos that represent the reality of everyday life with a comical take which are widely popular amongst his 5 million + followers from Bahrain and the GCC.

Omar Farooq

Omar is an award-winning Bahraini photographer, influencer, filmmaker and YouTuber. He strives to use his video-making talents to make an impact and change the way people view things.

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Salah Abdelmajid

Generally, Salah posts a lot of travel, gaming, and humanitarian content. But since the quarantine started, we’ve been seeing a new side of him which is equally great!

Khaled Janahi

Who doesn’t need a huge dose of comedy on their feeds right now? Follow Khaled to get just that..and more!

Shaima Rahimi

Shaima first gained popularity on TV as an anchor for BTV Bahrain and ATV Kuwait. Her popularity has caught up with her on Instagram where she showcases her beauty and fashion tips and tricks.

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شكر و تقدير حق كل وحده قاعده في بيتها و تشتغل من قلبها على مشروعها و تجارتها و اهيه في البيت في ظل هالأزمة العالمية و الظروف الصعبة. ... بيتي في أزمة الكورونا صار مخزن و محل و استوديو و صالون و بوتيك و مكتب و شوروم !! تعب و توتر و مع ذلك مستمتعه ان شغلي تحت عيوني بنسبة مئة بالمئة. ... متضامنة و قلبي مع كل وحده مثلي ، قاعده تشتغل بلا يأس بالرغم من علامة السؤال الكبيررررررة الي أمامها و أمام المصير المجهول لهالفترة، و مع ذلك تشتغل . اذا تعرفين احد يشتغل في بيته و مجتهد منشنيه و شكريه ، ترا التعب الجسدي و النفسي و الذهني مو قليل ولا بسيط ، الي يمر بهالشي في هالفترة عارف قصدي 💐 ... انا عن نفسي حابه اقول حق الي باحط حساباتهم بعد شوي و من ضمنهم انا 🤣 ، ان انتو مجتهدات و شاطرات و مصدر الهام حق كثير من البنات و السيدات و الي تسوونه في ظل هالأوضاع شي مو بسيط ولا سهل ، و اكيد في اكثر بس ما يستحضر ذاكرتي احد حاليا ،، الله يوفقكم و يرزقكم من حيث لا تحتسبون 🙏🏻 و اذا انتي مثلنا و قاعده تقرين، منشني نفسج و كتبي كلام حفزي نفسج فيه😆 مب غلط 🤷🏻‍♀️💙 @toptrendboutique @toptrendbeautysalon @the_perfume_lounge @themakeupmanual @amalimua @maryamalmahmeed @lavande_beautylounge @rpersonalshopper @makeup_ahlam @right_calories_bh @fatenhaddad @khuloodkhalafdesign @pisces_collection #stayhome #workfromhome #bahrain #corona #covid19 #world #business #businessowner #businesswoman #enterpreneur #online #staysafe #trade #instagram #motivation #creative #فريق_البحرين #مجتمع_واعي #معاً_ضد_الكورونا #خلك_بالبيت #خلك_في_البيت #شيماء_رحيمي

A post shared by شيمـاء رحيمـي ♑️ (@shaimarahimi) on

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Nayla Janahi

Another TV icon, Nayla is also famous for her fashion brand, Touch by Nayla. Her style is simply to die for.

Razan Aljassim

A nice mix of art, travel, beauty, and humanitarian posts can be found on Razan’s feed. Keep up with her sketches using the hashtag #razan_sketches

Hend Alawadhi

Entrepreneurship. Diving. Aircraft engineering. Beauty. Fitness. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something Hend isn’t experienced at!

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* مسابقة ال ٢٤ ساعة لليوم مع صالوني @reddoor_bh . #دعم_المشاريع_البحرينية 🇧🇭 . . نبذة عن المشروع🇧🇭 . عمر المشروع: ‎3 سنوات . عندي قناعة بأن الإنسان بجانب مهنته وتخصصه يجب ان يكون له مشروعه الخاص، إلي يقدر من خلاله يمارس هواياته ويطلق إبداعاته وفي نفس الوقت يكون له دخل ثاني، حبي لمراكز التجميل وخصوصاً الأظافر والشعر خلاني انتهز فرصه حصلت عليها لإمتلاك مركز متخصص لذلك ❤️ . . شروط المسابقة: ١- اتكونون متابعين حسابي ٢- فولو حساب @reddoor_bh ٣- منشن ٣ من أصدقائكم ❤️

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Amal Al Aradi

Amal is a professional makeup artist and certified PhiBrows artist. Her feed is all about makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. Plenty of tutorials and product recommendations await.

Isa Ebrahim

Isa is an award-winning Bahraini photographer. He is the first Arab to receive the Master FIAP title from the International Federation of Photographic Art. A quick look at his Instagram feed and you’ll know why.

Georgina Wiggins

Georgina, AKA ‘blonde in bahrain’, has a fascinating account that captures her equestrian lifestyle. And if horses aren’t really your thing, she also talks beauty, food, and fashion. Check out her account!

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Farah Abu Maizar

Farah runs a fantastic food account. A dietitian by training, her love and understanding of food shines through.

She believes every recipe should be so good that you want to eat every last crumb it - and that is actually the inspiration behind her blog name, Every Little Crumb.

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I’m so happy so many of you are inspired to make that Indian egg omelette that’s gone viral because it is so extremely worth making! Since it’s one of those recipes that’s easier to understand when you see it visually, I compiled my steps into an amateur video. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these, and if so I’ll work on the production quality 😂😂. Don’t miss out on this ultimate egg sandwich while you can still have breakfast! . . . . . #damnthatsdelish #foodfluffer #thebakefeed #feedfeed #tastingtable #forthemaking #BHGfood #foodblogfeed #bakedfromscratch #bakinglove #f52grams #eggs #bakersofinstagram #TOHfoodie #foodphotography #homemade #instagood #instayummy #kitchn #huffposttaste #pinterestinspired #foodinspo #inmykitchen #beautifulcuisines #shareyourtable #everylittlecrumb #morningslikethese #inmykitchen #indianfood @thefeedfeed @thekitchn @food52

A post shared by Farah Abu Maizar | Food Lover (@everylittlecrumb) on

Mustafa AbdulHadi

Stunning feed. You can get lost in Mustafa’s photos for hours. Just beautiful.

Elena Tomasi

An Italian author and recipe developer living in Bahrain, Elena strives to create healthy and delicious food from scratch. What’s not to love about that?

Her blog, As Easy As Apple Pie, has a wonderful collection of quick and easy recipes - you’re bound to find yourself heading straight to the kitchen to try them out!

I’m gonna start with this breakfast bowl.

Hungry Fifi

Ramadan warning: more mouth-watering food ahead!

Hungry Fifi is the co-founder of multi brand boutique, Maison du Maillot, and a food writer at Streetsmart Bahrain.

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My sister is my polar opposite when it comes to eating...she is a dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian. ⁣ ⁣ Whereas as you know by now, I have the diet of a modern day King Henry VIII...all full of decadent seafood platters, butter laden dishes, eggs, meat , pork and general gluttony. ⁣ ⁣ But of course when we're together I like to make sure we can both share a good meal, which is how I came upon this vegan saag paneer. ⁣ ⁣ I reckon it's pretty close to beating the original version you might find in an Indian restaurants. Along with my new paratha making skills, this is surely going to be a staple chez Fifi. ⁣ ⁣ PS if you are a tofu virgin, make sure to press it first (to get the excess water out). I like to use a heavy book or similar.⁣ DM me for the recipe x⁣ ⁣ #FifiCooks #VeganFood #SaagPaneer #bahrainfoodies #bahraineats

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More Bahrain influencers in this downloadable list

Aimee Rebecca

A self-proclaimed ‘millennial cliche,’ Aimee’s story of seeking wellness in a capitalist corporate hamster wheel world is easy to relate to. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her travels and adventures.

Rasha Yousif

I’m obsessed with Rasha’s feed! Her photography is stunning and I love the fact that she uses it to raise awareness about environmental topics and has established community initiatives through her nonprofit, FotoBH.

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Anything that relates to food - cooking, kitchen tools, food photography - is right up Moya’s alley. Her Food and Tools blog is packed with content and her Instagram feed is minimalistic and beautiful.


And to end this curation of Instagram accounts, I’m gonna leave you with this gem of a feed. A quirky, artsy one courtesy of Hafsa. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this round-up of influencers based in Bahrain. There are so many fantastic ones out there who I couldn’t fit into my roundup - so, be sure to check out the full directory to find the right influencers for your brand collaborations!

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