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5 Free Social Media Marketing Tools – The Expert’s Choice

5 Free Social Media Marketing Tools – The Expert’s Choice

Every savvy digital marketer knows that accessing free online productivity tools will streamline social media marketing strategies and increase efficiency. Having the perfect tools in your toolbox can make all the difference and save you time, money, and major productivity disruptions. To help with simplifying productivity, we’ve compiled a list of five free social media marketing tools that we love.

We’ve also sourced some recommendations from social media experts. And if you need more comprehensive insights that a free tool may not offer, try the complete version of the Talkwalker platform for your social media analytics to get a full view of your brand presence online.

#1 Talkwalker Social Search

At Talkwalker, we offer a free socialmedia search tool which provides quick insights on what’s occurring with your brand across social, blogs, and online news sites.

Here’s what Louise Pollock, President at Pollock Communications has to say about Talkwalker:

“Talkwalker is definitely the most valuable tool for monitoring social media. It provides detailed reports based on our searches in a visually-appealing way that we can share easily with clients.”

talkwalker socia search

Here’s why you should try it: Get instant insights about your brand across online and social media.

What’s more: Talkwalker’s Social Search offers the only free and premium social media analytics tool with filters for blogs, forums, broadcast and social media channels. Marketers can grab a quick analysis on how a brand’s keyword or hashtag is perceived across the social sphere. And as an official Twitter partner, users have access to premium data.

#3 Notifier

This free tool finds mentions in your posts and lets you notify users with just one-click. Notifier is a great tool to dramatically save time for content marketing outreach, by helping users to quickly identify influencers and their audiences.

Here’s what Heather Anne Carson, Co-Founder of has to say about Notifier:

“The world doesn’t need more content, it needs better content reaching more people. I use Notifier via to ensure every piece of content I create reaches the maximum potential audience. A must-have resource for content creators, public relations pros and more.”


Here’s why you should try it: Help to encourage Influencers to promote social and online content.

What’s more: Influencers play a pivotal role in optimizing content distribution across social media. Content is meant to be shared and seen by target audiences and Notifier, a free online tool by, helps content and social media marketers spread the word.

#4 RiteTag Optimizer

Customize your toolkit on the fly with actionable insights, social messaging, and automation tools right where you post.

Here’s what Kristin Drysdale, Brand Manager at Wiser Sites has to say about RiteTag:

“RiteTag’s optimization tools have really helped me with my workflow because I can share amazing content right where I’m reading it. And with access to RiteTag’s analytics, I can feel good about knowing my posts are likely to be seen.”

rite tag optimizer tool

Here’s why you should try it: Optimize social updates with the right hashtags and influencers right from where you post.

What’s more: RiteTag helps with optimizing a tweet or post simultaneously as you are drafting text. Additionally, a Chrome extension is offered that suggests relevant hashtags, emojis, and free gifs to include in your post.

#5 Bitly

Empower your social media links by shortening them with Bitly. The Bitly link connects your marketing efforts to how and where your customers experience your brand.

Here’s what Bita Ehisanpour, Social Media Manager at Men’s Wearhouse has to say about Bitly:

“Branding is extremely important to us. Having our own Branded Short Domain through Bitly Brand Tools helps us keep our brand at the forefront of all our social sharing efforts.”

bitly tool

Here’s why you should try it: Shorten, share, and measure with the power of a single short link.

What’s more: With only 140 characters to use within Twitter posts, Bitly helps to save space when writing messages to your target audiences. It’s a quick and simple way to understand how, when, and where your tweets and brand messages are reaching your intended audiences.

We hope this post encourages all social media marketers to give the above free tools a try. We’d love to have your feedback on which are the most useful for digital marketing. For deeper social media marketing insights, you can try the full Talkwalker Social Analytics Platform.

Which are your favorite online tools for social media marketing productivity? Share your thoughts with us @Talkwalker!

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