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Invest in the OTT advertising medium to connect with consumers

on 01/12/2021

Talkwalker at World OTT Show India edition

India’s up-and-coming OTT industry boasts a strong user base and an accelerated growth forecast for the next 3 to 5 years. However, the media environment is also highly fragmented with more than 60 OTT providers, a television landscape with 800+ channels, and an ever-increasing demand for regional content.

Join Talkwalker’s Sagar Mahagaonkar on an expert panel alongside Rahul Mishra (Shemaroo Entertainment), Rinku Sukumar Biswas (BiiggBang Amusement), Soumya Vilekar (Planet Marathi OTT), and other expert voices, as they discuss:

  • Measuring success for OTT advertising and content
  • The rise of regional content and its roadmap
  • How brands leverage consumer intelligence to connect with new audiences, and improve conversions

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