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Masterclass on: Social intelligence for Enterprise

on 08/09/2022

How do leading consumer brands unlock brand value from social media and online conversations? Find out in this masterclass by NielsenIQ and Talkwalker.

In today's omnichannel environment, up to 4 million brand interactions can occur in any given day. Amidst this data chaos, Brands and Marketers often find that actionable insights are out of reach.

In this session, NielsenIQ and Talkwalker shed slight on the Social Intelligence systems and best practices they have developed for large multinational brands, which leverage the trinity of technology, AI and human intelligence.

Benchmarking brand love in Asia

Tune in to find out how you can:

  • Unify the analysis of social media and online data
  • Increase the speed to consumer insight
  • Produce data-driven recommendations
  • Drive innovation for your brand

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