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[Keynote] - How to become a loved brand

on 25/11/2022

Marketers are finally recognising the importance of building brand love. In fact, all the most loved brands grow nearly 3 times faster than the industry average and that's not all. Those brands also benefit from more consumer advocacy and loyalty and are more likely to successfully charge price premium. So how did they get here? One thing was sure after analysing over 2.6 Billion consumer conversations, social media and sustainability are not to be messed with if you want to join the most loved brands club.

Find out what it takes to become a love brand in our upcoming webinar where we reveal the UK's top 10 most loved brands and discuss why being a loved brands actually matters. You will also learn:

  • How to monitor your brand love by measuring Trust, Passion, and CSAT scores.
  • Why social is crucial in closing the consumer closeness gap.
  • How to employ a social strategy to become a loved brand.
  • How to leverage data to understand your audience, tailor messaging, and deliver impactful campaigns.


Presenter: Jack Richards - Marketing Lead, Northern Europe, Talkwalker

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