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Social media trends for 2022

Social selling, content shifts, and brand inclusivity

Tuesday, November 2 at 12 PM ET, 9 AM PT

This webinar, presented in collaboration with Hootsuite will focus on three important social media trends for 2022:

  • The changing shape of post-pandemic content
  • The growth of social selling
  • Brand inclusivity

In this brave new world where content complements and informs consumers' every purchasing decision - brands must remain nimble and inclusive while giving customers what they want: always-on, snackable content that is enjoyable, educational, and enduring. 

SMT 2022 Webinar CTA

Chief Innovation Officer at Talkwalker, Cara Buscaglia sits down with Chief Marketing Officer at Hootsuite, Maggie Lower and Director at Twitter Next, Aly Baer to discuss these new consumer demands, and provide data backed answers around what brands can do to keep themselves at the front of their customers' thoughts.