Social Media Trends for 2020

50+ experts define the trends you need to know!

It’s back. Bigger and better than ever. The social media trends you need to know. This year, we’ve teamed up with HubSpot. To not just discuss the trends for the year ahead, but for the next 10. Bringing experts, influencers and professionals from across the globe to provide insights, analysis and actions that will shape the future of marketing and PR.

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Turn 2020 trends into awesome results

The trends are split into 3 categories below:

The NEXT Generation of social

1. The NEXT Generation of Social

TikTok will be part of your marketing strategy

In marketing, it’s very easy to rely on the big 5. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. But audiences are fracturing, turning to the new social platforms on the block.

Channels like TikTok are gaining big audiences. And those channels are more than ready to take on marketing revenue that used to be spent elsewhere.

Matt Navarra discusses the importance of where your audience chooses to be social online, Tim Soulo predicts the rise of micro-bloggers, while Prasad Sangameshwaran looks at how TikTok has changed the Indian social media landscape.

Social media wellness will be an essential part of your consumer engagement

Social media has become a more integral part of users’ lives. But now, people are becoming savvier with how that immersion is impacting their mental health. 

Expect an increased awareness of the time spent online, with more campaigns encouraging users to escape from the digital world to spend more time in the real one.

Tiankai Feng thinks brands need to work harder to make consumers’ time more worthwhile, while Julia Bramble thinks you should be more mindful of how you influencer your audience. Don’t forget to slide.

You will harness the power of data privacy and rein in fake news

Several issues have affected social media over the past few years. Data privacy is still making headlines, as social media users become more concerned with how brands use their data. While disinformation, aka fake news, is still alarming some users.  

In 2020, expect that to change. People now demand honesty. With increased regulation, and proactiveness from the major channels, these topics will start to dwindle, and brand trust in social media will strengthen once more.

Eva Taylor discusses why holistic customer engagement matters, while Yazan Al Tamimi says that brands should be putting their 1st party data to better use.

2. The NEXT Generation of Technology

AR & VR will be used effectively in your marketing

Augmented reality and virtual reality will break free from the realm of entertainment, with the rise of 5G. This technology advancement will see AR & VR being integrated more into apps, opening new opportunities for marketers. 

Expect new creative campaigns and strategies that integrate with these technologies, to improve real-time customer experience across all elements of a brand.  

Yosuke Noguchi looks at the impact of 5G on the tech, while Janet Machuka sees virtual tourism as a big 2020 trend. Click for more!

You will use artificial intelligence. And love it!

AI has come along way over the last decade. Yet the next one, will take it even further. In 2020, expect people to stop doubting the technology, and integrate it more into their roles.  

The scaremongering that artificial intelligence will take jobs will wane, and instead, we’ll see more opportunities arise that will allow marketing and PR experts to work faster, smarter, and with more data-driven insights. AI powered technologies like video analytics will become commonplace.

Jean-Philippe Cunniet thinks brands should invest in the AI tools that exist, while Sally A Illingwoth believes AI will solve the content marketing conundrum.

3. The NEXT Generation of Marketing

Gen Z will only engage if you pivot your strategy

How and where we talk to people is changing. Consumer habits are adapting on a global scale, with the rise of mobile users, the growth in marketing to millennials, and the change in people’s engagement habits.

Expect big things in 2020 when it comes to targeting those uses, moving away from search engine advertising to more technologically driven methods, such as social video, voice search, more personalized interactions and more. Brands will become more consumer focused, understanding exactly where their target audience is, and adapting their messaging to be part of those conversations.

Jamie Turner thinks the future is hyper-personalization, Jo Martin says it’s voice search, while Sotirios Seridis believes evergreen social is the way to go. There’s plenty to dig through here.

Tendance #6 - Vous n’obtiendrez l’engagement de la génération Z que si vous modifiez votre stratégie

Your influencer marketing will go small to go big

Influencer marketing is bigger than it has ever been. But in 2020, expect it to get small. Micro even.

To counteract the risks of influencer marketing, such as fake engagement, while increasing the potential engagement, brands will move away from celebrity influencers, to the micro (and even nano) level. These niche influencers offer custom communities that are heavily engaged, offering fantastic, affordable opportunities for brands willing to make the effort.

Neal Schaffer discusses the importance of brand collaboration, while Ron Jabal thinks nano-influencers are vital for creating offline conversations.

You will invest in user-generated content

As people move away from more invasive advertising, authentic user-generated content is on the up.

Though nothing new, with the rise of new niche platforms, and more access to the tools and tech to build great content almost instantly, it’s clear it will continue to matter in 2020 and beyond.

Tim Hanslow thinks UGC is critical to rebuild authenticity, while Klime Mickovski thinks brands will monetize user-generated content.

Conclusion - The ultimate trend

What does this all mean? These are the biggest trends we foresee for 2020, but we’re missing the bigger picture here. 

They’re all part of one big trend. One brand strategy that encapsulates everything discussed here. What is it? You’ll have to download our full trend analysis to find out more. Though Jonny teases it well…

Download our comprehensive eBook “50+ Industry Experts Define The Social Media Trends You Need To Know For 2020” now, with

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And don’t forget to add your thoughts below. What do you think will be the biggest trend of 2020? Do you agree with our experts? Leave us a comment.

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