Sentiment Analysis

Know what your customers want with Talkwalker's AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

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A good reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy

Talkwalker adds sentiment information to all results, from online reviews to news articles, social media to survey responses. Enabling you to manage risks with a technology that flags high risk posts in real time.

People love sharing sarcastic thoughts about your brand

Talkwalker's AI-powered sentiment analysis works to help you find negative or snarky comments earlier. It can even detect basic forms of sarcasm, so your team can immediately react to all relevant posts.


Discover the world's biggest focus group

Does your team know which product feature really makes a difference for customers? Social media monitoring finds industry and customer trends on a broad scale with our advanced sentiment technology to develop products that succeed. The fastest way to market research.

Build fantastic products for your customers

With sentiment classification, you can compare key product characteristics to find features your audience loves - or the ones that can be improved. Provide your R&D department with real-time customer opinions to stay one step ahead of the market.


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