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Passenger Voices on Social: 5 Steps To Guarantee Customer Satisfaction In the Airlines Industry


All businesses want to understand their customers better and social media has brought customers and companies closer than ever before.

For airlines in particular, social has changed the rules of the game when it comes to finding customer insights. Previously inaccessible word-of-mouth conversations are increasingly taking place on public, online platforms such as Twitter and online forums giving airlines unprecedented access to unsolicited customer opinions.

Using advanced social media analytics, this report drills into customer comments and opinions surrounding 40 of the world’s largest airlines including United Airlines, Lufthansa and EasyJet for crucial, hidden insights that airlines can use to improve customer satisfaction.


In this report you’ll discover how to:

  • Understand customer perception of your brand by isolating valuable customer comments from social media noise
  • Focus on customer experience and increase customer satisfaction by discovering customer sentiment towards various flight services
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and improve your customer service by drilling into clients’ comments and understanding exactly what is going wrong (or right)
  • Build loyalty to maximize upselling by understanding the concerns of frequent flyers
  • Empower your influencer marketing and raise brand awareness by identifying key influencers of your brand