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Talkwalker Alerts App for HootSuite: Expand Your Social Media Monitoring Capabilities

Talkwalker Alerts App for HootSuite: Expand Your Social Media Monitoring Capabilities

Today, it gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the Talkwalker Alerts app for HootSuite. This app will allow users to easily monitor all mentions of their favorite topics across millions of news websites, blogs, and forums while actively sharing insightful content in real time.

This integration between HootSuite, the world’s most widely adopted social relationship platform, and Talkwalker, one of the best alternatives to Google Alerts, will equip users with superior content monitoring capabilities across the web.

Why your business will need the Talkwalker app in HootSuite

"Monitoring and publishing across social channels are two pillars of the HootSuite offering. Talkwalker extends this level of monitoring across 150 million web sources alongside your HootSuite social streams. As content radiates across the web, the Talkwalker-HootSuite integration will empower you with the ability to be the first to share breaking news and really keep your finger on the pulse."

- Chris Brownlee, Senior Manager, Platform at HootSuite

The web intelligence offered by the Talkwalker app will help you keep you stay informed about breaking news across the web, protect your brand, your product and even your own reputation. Also garner insights for product development and marketing strategies, and identify and interact with key influencers.

Enhance your social capabilities with the Talkwalker app for HootSuite. This seamless integration now enables you to:

- Constantly monitor over 150 million extra websites including major newspapers, blogs, forums, and other social data across the world;

- Log into your existing Talkwalker Alerts account, and instantly find all your Alerts now displayed as reader-friendly HootSuite streams, or,

- Sign up for a new Talkwalker Alerts account straight from HootSuite within a matter of seconds (see the video tutorial.)

- Manage the topics you want to follow: Create new topics or edit existing ones.

- Bookmark results under “Favorites” for reading later.

- Share interesting content to your social communities in real time (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress…) in one click.

Did you know?

The Talkwalker app for HootSuite can be used free of charge. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re already a HootSuite user, install the Talkwalker app in HootSuite or Sign up for HootSuite and install the Talkwalker app.

For more information

Get in touch with us to find out more on how to get started or to know more about the different products that Talkwalker offers.