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Listen and React! Taking Engagement to the Next Level with the Talkwalker App for Hootsuite

Listen and React! Taking Engagement to the Next Level with the Talkwalker App for Hootsuite

Being able to interact freely and easily with customers is one of the things that makes social media special.

There are few other forums that allow so many people to come together and discuss, complain or rave about the issues of the day. Here at Talkwalker, we analyze all these public discussions on social media and other online (and even offline) channels to give companies, brands and organizations a full view of all the activity going on around them.

What we haven’t been able to do up until now is allow our users to respond to the people that are mentioning them directly through our tool. Now, that’s changed. But instead of creating a social suite, we’ve teamed up with Hootsuite because we think having a flexible, open platform capable of integrating with other top of class platforms is the way forward.

A recent study¹ by global research and advisory firm Forrester has found that social marketers using a single vendor for all of their social tools are significantly less satisfied than those using point solutions. In fact, 36% of marketers surveyed feel misled by social suites that over-promise and underdeliver. Conversely, 92% of point solution customers believe that the platform they are using lives up to the promises made.

Talkwalker’s advanced social media analytics can now be used on Hootsuite’s social media management platform, helping enterprises to make better decisions when engaging with their audience and react to customers in real-time. Here are a few ways that social media, sales, customer service, BI, PR and even event management teams can benefit from this new integration.

Social Selling – Improve Social ROI

ROI is a hot topic of discussion when it comes to social media. One of the most direct ways of proving that social media is worth the money is by finding leads and closing deals directly through social channels. The Talkwalker App for Hootsuite will help you streamline your social selling processes so you don’t miss any opportunities and catch all social prospects.

Talkwalker’s extensive filtering options allow users to isolate conversations that can help sales teams save time and increase revenue. Now, airlines for example can tap into conversations on Twitter about people discussing “Which airline” or “What airline” and jump in when they see an opportunity to offer a good deal.

hoot suite what airline

(Sales teams can use Hootsuite to react quickly to potential sales opportunities)

In this case, a quick thinking airline social sales team could jump in and give this customer some extra information about the legroom on their flights which may well lead to a sale.

Event Management – Respond to your Audience on Location

Using advanced geolocation from Talkwalker you can now see exactly where your mentions are coming from. And as all geolocated posts from particular locations can be tracked and analyzed, this lets brands interact with people at a specific venue. For example, Disneyworld’s social media and customer service teams can see all geolocated posts that are coming from people who are posting from Disneyworld and respond to them immediately:

disney world geol loc

(Using Talkwalker’s advanced geolocation, social media and customer service teams can see exactly what’s driving engagement at specific venues)

Such hyper-local data takes customer experience management to the next level by allowing shops, theme parks or stadiums to target visitors who are actually at particular venues with tailored offers. It can also be a way to identify upsell opportunities as well as being a method of really understanding what drives customer engagement at venues.

Influencer Management – Amplify Marketing and PR Reach

Knowing the opinion makers is important in any business environment and social media is no different. Social media influencers hold disproportionate power on the social web with their recommendations and endorsements capable of having a direct impact on sales figures. It’s no surprise then that these influencers have become a big part of digital strategies. The Talkwalker App for Hootsuite can help you make sure that you stay on top of all influencer activity and use it to your advantage.

In this example, using special search queries available in Talkwalker, results have been isolated to just mentions of @hm by accounts with more than 100,000 followers.

hm top influencers

(Keep track of your top influencers and make the most of their reach)

From here, H&M’s marketing department can see exactly how many followers each influencer has and then act on these influencer posts by, for example, sharing them on their own channels to further amplify campaign reach.

Campaign Management – Build the Buzz on a Personal Level

Marketing and advertising campaigns now rely on social more than ever before to spread messages to as wide an audience as possible. With the Talkwalker App for Hootsuite, community managers can now respond to users who are helping to amplify their messages and make their campaigns more engaging and far-reaching than ever before.

For example, here’s a look at mentions of Manchester United’s hashtag for the recent launch of their new uniform.

man utd tweet

(Amplify your campaigns by reacting quickly to your most engaged fans)

Using the mention volume chart, Manchester United’s social media team can see how heavily the launch hashtag #BeTheDifference is being used and then respond to members using that hashtag to show their appreciation for their involvement. And of course, for deeper insights on hashtag performance you simply click the filter icon in the top right of the screen to return to Talkwalker and dive into advanced social media analytics.

Customer Service – Use Smart Data to Inform Social Customer Service

Social customer service has become a big part of how companies are using social media day to day. And while social media has helped to make the connection between customer and company closer than ever before, it has also given rise to companies receiving very public complaints about products and services. Integrated social media analytics and management can help customer service reps deal with customer issues quickly and efficiently.

For example using Talkwalker sentiment filters, replies to the @VerizonSupport Twitter account can be isolated to include only negative comments:

verizon support

(Prioritize your social customer service using refined data streams)

Here Verizon’s support team can now focus on making sure that they are prioritizing negative customer enquiries as these are the posts that require the most immediate attention. The unique synchronized tagging function also helps to improve workflow. Now all team members can see whether an enquiry has been dealt with, whether they are working in Hootsuite or in Talkwalker.

These are just some of the ways that users of the Talkwalker App for Hootsuite will be able to improve the way they use social media with the new integration. And with both Talkwalker and Hootsuite introducing new updates and features all the time, the number of new use cases will only grow. Engaging effectively with audiences is the holy grail of good social media practice. Combining Talkwalker with Hootsuite lets you make sure you’re doing it better than anybody else.

To use the new Talkwalker App for Hootsuite you will need a Talkwalker subscription and a Enterprise Hootsuite account. For more information on the new integration, have a free personal demo with one of our experienced consultants to see how it can help you reach business objectives.


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