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Battle of the Brands: 10 Ecommerce Brands Go Head to Head on Social Media


Can social media help me sell my products and services online?

It’s a question that companies in all industries are trying to answer and it’s especially important for e-commerce where sales only occur through online channels.

To try and understand how brands are approaching this issue, we examined 10 top e-commerce brands over the last month to see what kind of social media tactics companies like Apple Music, ASOS and Flipkart are using and how they stack up against their rivals.

Here are some key findings:


  • 75% of Apple Music’s Facebook engagement came from just one video
  • User generated content is helping  Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart outperform their rivals Snapdeal
  • ASOS and Spotify focus on driving referrals more than engaging on social platforms
  • Alibaba dominate rival for online presence with 90% share of voice