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IPL 2018 - Live Social Media Dashboard

IPL 2018 - Live Social Media Dashboard

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The 11th season of IPL has just started and it’s already making waves on Social media. We did an initial analysis of the buzz around IPL and conversations on social are up by 125% as compared to last year - and this is just on the day of the opening ceremony.

On the whole - this season, the IPL seems to be generating a lot more excitement on social media - with mentions up by 10% in just April (1M vs 900k ). So at Talkwalker we wanted to see what the buzz is all about - which player is the favorite and which team is winning hearts both on and off the field.

We’ve put together a live scoreboard which shows which skippers are the most popular - taking into consideration the volume of conversation and buzz , net sentiment, number of unique authors talking about them and the most-used emojis in relation to them.

Which IPL Skipper is Ruling Both On and Off the Pitch

And the most Talked about Skipper is...

Which Skipper is winning hearts?

# of Unique authors per player

The graphs above give an overview of how much the internet loves the skippers. But it's not just a simple overview of who is the most talked about skipper. The first graph gives us the percentage of mentions each skipper has on social media. For instance, Virat is leading the pack now with the lion's share of mentions on social media. The next graph - bar graph- shows us the total sentiment for every skipper. The green portion represents positive sentiment, the yellow portion represents neutrality and the red one represents negative sentiment. In order to keep it simple, we do not count the yellow portions during our analysis and simply look at the red and green portions. At the moment, Kane Williamson seems to have the maximum positive sentiment and the minimum negative sentiment. So he clearly wins the sentiment game.

The last pie chart shows the number of unique authors for each player. And for the moment, Virat also leads the pack here.

In order to analyze which player is the most popular, it's important to consider the number of posts and the number of unique authors in conjunction with the sentiment. Since Virat  has the most mentions and the most people talking about him, in addition to having the second most positive sentiment. We can conclude that he is leading the pack and is winning hearts online.

Which IPL Team is has Already Won.. The Social Game


Which IPL Team is Ruling Hearts

# of Unique Authors per Team

The graphs here, much like the ones above give us an overview of which team is the most talked about. The first pie chart shows the number of mentions on social media - in this case, CSK has constantly been the showstopper - it may have something to do with the fact that they're back after two years for this season of the IPL.  In addition to this, they also have the most positive sentiment associated with them along with the maximum number of people (unique authors) talking about them.

Who is winning off the field this IPL season?

All of the information above is based purely on posts and information that Talkwalker detects online and is a reflection of who is ruling both on and off the field. As the season develops, and matches are won and lost, it's going to be interesting to see how these patterns change and who manages to conquer hearts and win over the audience.
Watch this space to find out who's going to wiow the audience during this season of the IPL! 

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