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Social Media Insights for Retail

Attention and brand reputation are the most valuable currencies in the very competitive fashion industry. This section lays out the benefits of social media analytics for fashion brands, explaining how to track a brand’s online mentions and relate metrics like sentiment to brand success. In our how-to guide, we explain in detail how social listening enables the launch of successful campaigns for fashion retailers to boost the sales of new lines. Our case study compares the volume of mentions and brand perception of selected fashion retailers and looks at the context behind the statistics. And don’t forget to check out the social media statistics section for up-to-date social metrics for big fashion brands like H&M, Zara or Michael Kors.

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How do the world’s largest retail companies compare when it comes to social media performance? The chart below shows the social media reach and engagement for some of giants of the retail industry. For more detailed performance statistics click on the title above!


Global Brand Reports

Click on any of the brand icons below to get a full overview of all relevant social media statistics. Includes worldwide sentiment maps, breakdowns of brand reach and engagement and charts of the online channels and countries where brands are most often mentioned.

Share of Voice

Which retail brands are the most discussed online ? Zara or H&M? Primark or Abercrombie & Fitch? The chart below shows the share of online mentions for major companies in the retail industry. For more detailed share of voice statistics click on the title above!

Share Of Voice


Is public sentiment towards the retail industry positive or negative? The graph below shows an overall snapshot of positive and negative sentiment towards the retail industry as a whole.