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Social media analytics for Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is a luxury brand that is known to millions of people across the world. But in the highly competitive luxury industry, is the brand able to maintain attention towards its products? With a great number of luxury shoppers using social media to find product recommendations and discover new brands, it is essential to understand what drives your audience, as well as the way they use each social media platform. So how do people feel about the brand? How often is it mentioned? What is their share of voice in their industry? Take a look at the analytics we have compiled through Talkwalker’s Social Data Intelligence. To discover how your brand can benefit from Talkwalker social insights, sign up for a free demo with one of our experts.

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Worldwide sentiment perception for Tesla Motors on social media

Understanding public sentiment towards your brand is pivotal for companies in all industries. Talkwalker's social media monitoring tool can help you to visualize global online sentiment quickly and easily. The map below shows positive and negative sentiment worldwide for Tesla Motors.

Buzz, engagement & reach performances of Tesla Motors on social media

How is your brand performing on social media? The social media dashboards below show the levels of buzz (overall mentions) and engagement for Tesla Motors over the last month, giving you up-to-date insights to help you to better understand your social media performance.


Mentions Over Time


Engagement over Time

Tesla Motors performances per dimension

Where and on what channels is your brand generating the most interest? Talkwalker's social analytics can help you find out. The graphs below provide a breakdown of Tesla Motors social mentions for each dimension, media type, country and language as well as an overall look at public sentiment.
Media Types