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Social Media Insights for Hospitality

Thousands of social conversations about hotels, restaurants and other hospitality brands are taking place every day from travellers sharing experiences to the brands themselves using social channels to promote new deals and campaigns. This section lays out the benefits of using social media analytics for hospitality brands, explaining how to measure and analyse online and social conversations and use these insights to improve social performance and customer experience. In our how-to guide, we explain how hospitality brands can use social listening at every step of the consumer decision journey to engage customers and increase brand loyalty. And don’t forget to check out the social media statistics section for up-to-date social metrics for major companies like Airbnb, Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La and Carnival Cruise.

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Social Media Analytics for Hospitality Brands


How do some of the world’s best hospitality brands compare when it comes to social media performance? The chart below shows the social media reach and engagement for some of them. For more detailed performance statistics click on the title above!

Global Brand Reports

Share of Voice

Which hospitality brands are the most discussed online? Hilton or Airbnb? Mandarin Oriental or Shangri-La? Club Med or Pierre & Vacances? The chart below shows the share of online mentions for major companies in the hospitality industry. For more detailed share of voice statistics click on the title above!


Is public sentiment towards the airlines positive or negative? The graph below shows an overall snapshot of positive and negative sentiment towards the airline industry as a whole.