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Visual analytics for brands

Search across text and images for a comprehensive brand picture. With Talkwalker's image recognition tool, reveal how your audience engages with your brand in real-time.

  • Get the full picture of what your brand represents 
  • Create visual storytelling by identifying user-generated content
  • Protect your trademark against misuse with the power of our visual recognition software


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Take the next step towards 360° social media analytics.

  • Search 30,000+ brands, the largest brand logo database for visual analytics
  • Analyze text, images, and videos in one, fully integrated social listening platform
  • 100% proprietary technology that can be adapted to your needs
  • Never miss another mention of your brand in text or visuals
  • Improve your earned and paid programmes by finding all mentions of your logo
  • Control your brand reputation online: in text and images


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