Monitor Supply Chain in Automotive

Monitor Supply Chain in Automotive

The challenge

A major European car manufacturer selected Talkwalker to include online news and social media in their supply chain risk identification efforts. Automobile manufacturing companies are heavily reliant on their suppliers to provide car parts and other deliverables on time and with strict quality standards. Any change in supplier reliability can have disastrous impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of production.

As part of a desire to protect their supply chain from potential risks, the client wanted to find ways to quickly and proactively identify any issues to mitigate negative effects. They had two main requirements: firstly to ensure that teams be alerted of all events without delay, from wide-ranging and partly customized information sources. Secondly the tool itself should be easy to implement and use.

Deliverables & Insights

Talkwalker was implemented as the online monitoring and alerting tool to instantly notify teams of any critical events related to their suppliers. By crawling amongst the 100 million indexed sources of relevant news, blog and forum websites, supply managers could be instantaneously alerted of any potential risks such as those concerning financial stability, compliance and corporate social responsibility. Customized stakeholder sources covering specific topics and industries were also added and grouped together for a quick sift-through of the results.

Results relating to the different risks are presented in the Talkwalker dashboard that is built as an intuitive search engine interface. Two employees are responsible for validating the results before dispatching notifications to relevant departments. Search and multi-level filter functions allow for a quick way to drill down into areas of interest and be alerted on key happenings.

Defined suppliers are monitored and combined with general groups of first level keyword filters (e.g. accident, defect or fire) to reduce the data set. In a second step the reduced set of results has been sifted through custom risk filters that have been defined by the car manufacturer according to his supplier risk scheme.

One of the monitoring and alerting functionalities that proved to be particularly useful was the easily configurable e-mail alerts to ensure instant notification of sensitive posts detected as a nascent potential supplier risk or crisis.


Without prior technical knowledge, the client set up their Talkwalker dashboard to monitor online news and social media in 50 languages across the world. Automating the online and social media monitoring process in this way resulted in a 150% increase in the volume of relevant articles found and reduced the time required to perform the media monitoring and curation process by 45%.

The client’s total cost of data acquisition and manual search was reduced by 65%, which facilitated their transition to an automated online media monitoring solution.

As a summary, the Talkwalker online media monitoring and alerting solution allowed the client to proactively identify and manage potential risks in their supply chain in real time.