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Create Automated Press Reviews

Create Automated Press Reviews


Traditional media monitoring entered the field of public relations in early 20th century in the form of clipping services, becoming indispensable ever since. Until today, the core mission is to create a documentation about relevant topics as accurate and comprehensive as possible. This is aimed for communications departments and decision-makers in order to provide them clear, structured and reader-friendly reports, for example as press reviews.

Since the 1950s, we believe that three specializations have emerged: print media, online media, and radio/TV records. Witnessing that their limits are blurring and converging to digitalization, in the following paragraphs we will show you how easy it is to set up and implement a complete, insightful, and reliable online monitoring on your own!

Conducting a digital press review with Talkwalker

As a fictitious example, let’s place ourselves in the shoes of a press officer working at the world renowned pharmaceutical company Novartis. This press officer is interested in all mentions linking Novartis’ employees to the current events in Syria. After entering search strings with the keywords “Syria” and “Novartis” (incl. all their conjunctions) into Talkwalker, he is automatically brought to the results’ dashboard.

This results panel lists all mentions of the defined search string. This process is enabled thanks to Talkwalker’s crawlers, which continuously search and collect data in more than 150 million sources globally. This represents masses of data that can currently be found in 187 different languages from almost 250 countries. Among the monitored sources are news sites and press portals, message boards, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and many more.

Did you know? The differences with Google Alerts’ results:

  • Google’s crawlers do not index Facebook and Twitter posts;
  • The number of relevant results accessible on Google is far less than on Talkwalker, as the number of results displayed at the top of each search is only an estimation. Hence, Google Alerts are no holistic alternative for creating digital press reviews.

Now that he has gone through the list of relevant mentions, the press officer would like to identify the sources and authors that have the most impact on the social web. He wants to know where to find opinion leaders and who they are, identify the most talked about topics so he can conduct a graphical analysis of all articles’ sentiments and origins.

This press review sample can be saved as a PowerPoint or Word files or even as a PDF from both formats. One major advantage of this feature is that reports are mobile-friendly.

This is an incredibly easy yet extremely powerful way of monitoring any topic, brand, event or product in a comprehensive way, making thus a firm basis for any communications strategy.