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Campaign Cracker: How to Run an Expert Social Media Campaign Using Social Listening

Campaign Cracker: How to Run an Expert Social Media Campaign Using Social Listening

Since humble beginnings as online book resellers and quirky auction sites, giants of e-commerce like Amazon, eBay - and more recently Etsy and ASOS - have grown rapidly to become some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world.

With the global e-commerce market now valued at over a trillion dollars, competition is fierce with major traditional retailers like Walmart and global competitors like Alibaba muscling in on the action.

Social media marketing is also becoming a key battleground with Facebook and Twitter alone bringing in over 2 billion dollars of e-commerce revenue in 2014.

And on top of all the social media posts published by online retailers themselves, there is also a treasure trove of insight in all the conversations about shopping, gifts and interests taking place on social networks, blogs and forums around the world.

This guide will explain how e-commerce sites and any company involved in online retailing can use social media analytics to drive more revenue through social media campaigns. We examined over 10 million results from over the last year, on topics ranging from Amazon’s Twitter marketing strategy to the most popular smartphones on social. You’ll discover how to:

  • Boost campaign efficiency by using social data to understand seasonal trends and identify the most popular products on social
  • Improve social marketing results by tracking key social metrics and uncovering the secrets of competitor success
  • Determine ROI by integrating social data with revenue to understand which platforms deliver the best results.

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