A Taste of Social: 28 Top Food Brands & Their Social Media Performance

A Taste of Social: 28 Top Food Brands & Their Social Media Performance

With food trends and preferences changing constantly, the fast-paced environment of social media offers the ideal platform for food brands to not only keep track of new developments, but also promote their products and offers. But which brands understand social the best and use it to effectively engage with customers and prospects?

Using Talkwalker social intelligence, we analysed the social media performance of 28 leading food brands, from Oreo and Ben & Jerry’s, to Maggi and Marmite, to see which truly understand the value of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By taking an in-depth look at the social media performance of these brands, you’ll also be able to discover best practices and tricks to boost your social media strategy.

Some of our key findings:

  • Diversifying content away from purely product-related news greatly increases reach and engagement for brands on Twitter
  • Employing emotional appeal in social media campaigns boosts their virality and significantly raises the positive sentiment for brands
  • Using pictures and videos creates high levels of engagement on Facebook
  • Underestimating the value of Instagram could lead to missing out on an easy way to interact with customers

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